U.S. Manufacturing Hits The Road, Alive, Well and Kicking!

first_imgThe evolution of manufacturingI was honored to represent Dell EMC at this kick-off event, which was hosted by Emerson Chairman and CEO David Farr, a good friend and the new chair of the NAM Board. However, some of you may be wondering why start a manufacturing tour in Central Texas? When you think of the Austin area – also known as the Silicon Hills – the image of a typical, middle-America factory town doesn’t exactly spring to mind.And yet, it’s right at the heart of an evolution in manufacturing. There is a digital transformation underway in this industry and there are hundreds of businesses in Central Texas – from Emerson and Dell EMC to software companies and small start-ups – who are helping to usher in a new era in modern manufacturing. Austin has numerous examples of companies working together to modernize manufacturing in the U.S. but the same exciting story is being emulated throughout the country.Painting a picture of modern manufacturingSo, what does modern manufacturing look like? Manufacturing is learning from other industries that have been successful in adopting new approaches to technology to gain a competitive edge. Instead of resisting technology, manufacturing is now embracing ways to do things faster, smarter and better. Today’s factories now have the IT tools to collect, analyze and act on data in real time to optimize their operations, lower costs, increase throughput and gain a competitive edge.Let me give you some practical examples. Energy producers are reducing downtime and improving profitability by remotely monitoring critical equipment (think of a refinery or an off-shore oil rig) with sensors, edge gateways and sophisticated cloud-hosted analytics tools. This reduces potential employee exposure to hazardous conditions while helping the company to leverage expertise wherever it may exist. In other industries, such as automobile manufacturing, factories are using technology to do real-time testing and quality control during the assembly process to make adjustments and prevent potential problems before they occur.Lines blurring between IT and factory systemsSo, as you can see, it’s no longer a case of information technology (IT) being confined to the data center and the office with operational technology (OT) (factory systems) on the manufacturing floor. We’re now seeing the lines blur between IT and OT with embedded devices and sensors connecting and talking to previously siloed systems within a manufacturing facility. We’re experiencing how the Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT – can help customers get a more accurate and holistic picture of their performance.Partners who can add valueOf course, harnessing all this data and connecting all of the parts and players requires a complex ecosystem of experienced technology partners and a workforce with the skills needed to succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy. This is where companies like Emerson and Dell EMC can add expertise and value. Dell EMC has enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with Emerson over the years, from developing data center standards and collaborating on the launch of multiple OEM products all the way through to the solutions that power automation processes on the factory floor. Today, we are working together to help manufacturing customers harness the power of the Internet of Things.Using technology to make manufacturing more competitiveI believe that modern manufacturing has a huge role to play in the global economy and can continue to positively impact the lives of millions of American families. However, we need to make manufacturing more competitive. We need to use technology to reinvent processes and strengthen the industry’s ability to hire workers with the skills needed in this digital age. We can absolutely enable new jobs if we have technology and manufacturing working together in tandem. Above all else, manufacturing needs to attract our best and brightest young people. The industry offers a lifelong, rewarding career with the chance to design and build a new high-tech, high-touch future. It’s exciting stuff!Global competition and increasing customer demands are certainly changing the face of manufacturing as we know it, but I think we’re all ready to embrace the challenge head-on. Dell EMC is proud to contribute to the digital transformation of this vital industry. Join the conversation and be part of the solution. I would love to hear your views and am happy to answer your questions. I also invite you to check out the NAM’s “Creators Wanted” video, which features two Dell EMC team members and highlights the many facets of a career in modern manufacturing.Keep in touch by following Dell EMC OEM or IoT on LinkedIn. While traditional manufacturing in the U.S. has certainly had to contend with ups and downs over the last few decades, the good news is that the modern industry is alive, well and kicking. In fact, right now, it is driving a huge innovation revolution across the U.S. This was the strong, take-away message to policy makers and elected officials from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) at the start of its annual tour last week in Round Rock, Texas.last_img read more

Defying Gravity with the Industry’s Most Powerful Partners

first_imgThe power of the Dell Technologies partner ecosystem is undeniable. Earlier this month at Global Partner Summit, you could actually feel the energy in the room as thousands of Dell Technologies partners came together to share ideas, align priorities and build even stronger partnerships. The theme of the event was “Defying Gravity” and by now you’ve heard the big announcements, but today I wanted to take a few minutes to go beyond the headlines; to double-click on the commitments we’ve made to our partner community. It’s important to me that you see and feel the great progress we’re making as a result of your feedback.Last year, you, our partners, said certain things were holding you down – they were your gravity. You asked us to improve predictability of engagement; speed up and improve accuracy of some core processes like deal registration, quotes and rebates; and break down silos across the Dell Technologies portfolio. This feedback shaped our three strategic imperatives, which remain intact today. While we’ve made enormous progress over the past year, we’re not slowing down. We’re heads-down on these imperatives because our goal is to be the very best in your eyes for today and decades to come.Strategic Imperative #1: Make it easier for partners to do more business with us.A year ago, we set some lofty goals designed to address the areas you said were most critical. So did we walk the talk? At GPS, Darren Sullivan shared our progress:For deal registration, we committed to getting an accurate response the first time, 95% of the time. We’ve surpassed that goal, currently with a mark of 96%. We’ve also improved our SLA by 75% Y/Y.For quoting, we committed to turning around 80% of all quotes within 4 hours. By the end of 2018, we beat that goal, turning around 84% of quotes within 4 hours.For rebate claiming and payments, we set a goal last year to improve our speed to pay by 30%. Again, we’ve exceeded the goal, increasing our speed by 32% Y/Y in 2018 and hitting our SLAs for rebate payment for the past three consecutive quarters.We heard from partners last week that they’re seeing and feeling the progress, but we know we have more work to do. To accelerate our progress, we’re investing in a cohesive digital ecosystem that we’re calling the Dell Digital Way. We take an agile approach with tight engagement of customers, partners, business leaders and IT to prioritize business needs and design the right solutions.So what does this mean for 2019?Over the next year we will take big steps to create a seamless end to end online experience with major improvements in deal registration, quoting, ordering and rebate management.In the second half of this year, we will enable an integrated self-service quoting and ordering experience for client, server and select storage solutions. This will be a big step forward in providing a seamless experience across our lines of business.When it comes to predictability of engagement, we’re working with Bill Scannell and Marius Haas to build on our culture of partnering. This all starts with effective and consistent joint account planning between our sales teams and partners. We’ve seen great momentum with our Partner Preferred Program and are expanding the number of eligible accounts.And of course, we’ll continue to double down on deal registration and rules of engagement that provide predictability throughout the sales cycle as well as Partner of Record Incumbency, which protects your past investments.While we know we have more work to do, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made. Earlier this year, partners gave us the greatest compliment… our highest partner net promoter score in history. But that doesn’t mean we’re done. Making it easier to do more business with us remains my #1 priority for the year.Strategic Imperative #2: Fast-track partners’ ability to deliver transformational solutionsThis is 100 percent about leverage – leveraging your skillset, leveraging this ecosystem and leveraging the power of Dell Technologies.First, we recognize that to meet today’s customer needs, you have to expand beyond traditional partner designations like service provider or systems integrator. We’re working to simplify those program tracks that pigeon-hole you.Second, we want to make it easier for you to tap into the power of this ecosystem, so you can supplement your expertise. Tools like Partner Finder and Cloud Partner Connect do just that.And third, we’re making it easier for you to leverage the Dell Technologies portfolio. Harnessing this power of these brands is what sets us apart from everyone else – it’s what makes our opportunity together boundless. This year, Cheryl Cook announced the next evolution of our program, now called the Dell Technologies Partner Program. While each business will continue their independent partner programs, the Dell Technologies Partner Program empowers partners to deliver transformational solutions that span the portfolio. Additionally, there are benefits to working across the portfolio:When partners transact through Dell Technologies, solutions from any business in the family of brands will count towards Dell Technologies Partner Program tier revenue credit.[1]Partners can utilize MDF in conjunction with the Dell Technologies strategically aligned businesses.[2]We will recognize related credentials and certifications earned from the strategically aligned businesses through Learning Investment Protection.Partners can download their new logos and begin showcasing the full family of brands today.Strategic Imperative #3: Embrace and monetize IoTAs we look ahead 3-5 years, things get really interesting. Products will become more specialized, multi-cloud environments will expand and artificial intelligence will become IT’s #1 customer. These trends are creating a demand for data, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. There are big changes coming, and they’re bringing even bigger opportunities. We’re committed to helping you embrace and monetize them.In 2018, we created Partner Technical Advisory Boards where some of our brightest technical minds come together to align our technology roadmap with your priorities. Our AI-enabled products and award-winning IoT Connected Bundles are just a few examples of solutions that were built based on partners’ feedback. We’re thinking through these industry changes and continuously innovating so you can confidently lead with Dell Technologies in every customer conversation.And here’s the thing – all this complexity means customers will need trusted partners now more than ever. We’re supporting Dell Technologies partners with new training and competencies. Of course partners will need a solid understanding of the technology, but even more importantly, you’ll need an understanding of customers’ businesses and verticals. We’re encouraging our entire partner ecosystem to continue building on their skills and specialties so that together, we can be THE go-to-resource for our customers.I was also reminded at Global Partner Summit that it’s not just about the business results. It’s also about being proud of the work we do together every day; building positive, trusting relationships; creating a strong, diverse global workforce; and harnessing the power of partnership to improve the communities we live in. I had the opportunity to co-host our Women’s Partner Network reception, speak with our partner advisory boards and personally hold conversations with hundreds of you. This event was designed specifically for our partner community and I am honored to have spent it with so many of you.Thank you to all of the partners who joined us in Las Vegas. If you were unable to make it this year, we hope to see you at one of our regional events or at GPS 2020. Until then, let’s seize the momentum, unleash the power and defy gravity.[1] This tier revenue credit counts toward the Dell Technologies Partner Program and will not apply to the independent partner programs of VMware, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Boomi. Availability varies by region.[2] Dell Technologies Partner Program MDF can be used on conjunction with our SABs so as long as Dell Technologies ISG, CSG products, solutions, software and services are promoted with/in that initiativelast_img read more

Minnesota woman who lied to support family gets full pardon

first_imgMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Board of Pardons has granted its first full pardon in more than three decades, to a woman who used a fake name and false documents to get a job in order to cover food and housing costs for her family. Maria Elizondo was convicted in 2012 of wrongfully obtaining assistance and identify theft. She was sentenced to serve 10 years of probation and ordered to pay back $24,758 to the state. The mother of seven took a job at a turkey farm in Ada, Minnesota, in 2006 under the pseudonym Natalia Rubio. Her son, Jorge Elizondo, says his mother never meant to be malicious but “did what she had to do” to feed her family.last_img read more

Entrevista AP: Tucci habla de duelo, cocina y “Supernova”

first_imgNUEVA YORK (AP) — En “Supernova”, Stanley Tucci interpreta a un hombre con principios de demencia que realiza posiblemente su último viaje con su compañero de vida, interpretado por Colin Firth. En una entrevista, Tucci cuenta por qué él y Firth intercambiaron papeles, su carrera como un “actor de carácter” y su costumbre de cocinar para sus compañeros de reparto.last_img