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Getafe itself is from the Champions League: it is third after storming San Mamés

first_imgGetafe is from the Champions League. It is third in LaLiga! Let all who aspire to that club of authentic privileged know. Like Athletic, which received a master class to impose, to make it be played only to what one knows. These people do things very well; It will be unsightly, but its effectiveness deserves to take you to that kingdom of the best in Europe. San Mamés lost his spell in the face of such forcefulness. Second defeat this season and in the Garitano era. For 16 months no one scored two goals for the rojiblanco team in their fief. He has seven games without winning, with five draws and two losses; it doesn’t take three points from Granada on December 1, more than two months have passed. Knead five of 21 and that leads him to wander through no man’s land. He tried but it was very incisive. The first half hour was a continuous guerrilla. The colleague got out of hand, thought that a clean card was not going to cut so many abruptness and heated debates, and there was no way to put anybody on the waist. The piques began in pairs: Yuri with Mata, Raúl García with Etxeita … the other football. That rough sea in which the Bordalás team sails so well. Inside the trenches, the Getafe was well planted, perceiving that the rhythm was his, that by pure law of inertia and before the dynamiters that he has above, something would fall from his side. It was Damián in the 35th minute, with a portentous game supported by two walls (plus another one to start the action), culminated with a dribble to Unai López and Yeray to score the goal of the day. His second goal with Getafe in 169 games (the first, also excellent, was against Espanyol in April 2018 with a great distant shot) was an ode to a wizard’s culebreo. The first part was summed up in a 28 percent possession of visitors and only 64 successful passes, compared to 250 of the rojiblancos. A profitability that summarizes the success of this group that has forged Bordalás.A silly Lekue hand at the start of the second half allowed Mata, the best in the afternoon, to increase the distance from the penalty spot. The Getafe had it at the ideal cooking point. Two goals, not thirty seconds in a row playing, with some lions of nerves and a sensation in the stands of absolute impotence. Athletic was suffocated, perhaps by the Cup, and not imposed on individual duels. The movie was monotonous and Garitano seemed blocked. Something had to be changed and this time it was not a conservative path. Late, but unleashed a revolution, with three novelties. Capa, Ibai and Aduriz left. And as soon as it was put into action, Ibai put it on a foul to Aduriz, who finished off with tenderness at the hands of Soria. Villalibre had been one of the best so far, associating well and with a good chance, but the gallons of Aritz are a jewel. He had three approaches, although shy. Goals0-1, 35 ‘: Damián Suarez, 0-2, 49 ‘: Bush “There is a lot of championship left and in front we have great potential teams. Those 39 points is to be proud of a team that works with honesty and humility. We are missing some things, but we compensate with delivery and work. You can’t ask for more, “said the coach of the Azulón team.On the meeting of ‘La Catedral’ Bordalás stressed that Getafe made a “very serious” and “supercomplete” match in which he managed to “neutralize many of the virtues” of Athletic, especially “covering the bands very well” and “going against it.”“We scored two goals and created another three clear chances. They have barely generated goal situations. The clearest has been the shot of Ibai to the crossbar, already at the end. We are very happy because the level of demand here is very high and win it’s very complicated, “he explained.“Getafe competes at a great level. There are people who insist on taking credit from a modest team like ours and with one of the lowest budgets of the most important league in the world. We must praise the merit of this team, “added the Alicante coach. Garitano: “I’m worried”The Athletic Club coach, Gaizka Garitano, He admitted feeling “worried” about the seven-day run without winning chained in the last two months by the rojiblanco team with five draws and two losses, the last one today against Getafe in San Mamés.“Of course I’m worried, how can I not be?”, the Vizcaino coach admitted after recognizing that Getafe was “better” and deserved to take the victory in a match where they were “very uncomfortable.”“The importance I give to LaLiga is maximum, much more than the Cup. It was a more important match than Thursday, sure, “Garitano said in relation to the quarterfinal match they will play against Barça next Thursday in San Mamés.“The 0-1 has scored a lot. With the face game it is a better team because afterwards it is almost impossible to play, they do very well. We lacked freshness. It has been a very physical duel and we have ended up tired. They have been better, they have won and we recover and think about the next one, “Garitano added.The Biscayan also recognized that in some phases of the game the behavior of the Getafe players could “unsettle” their players. “They do that with all the teams, it is not a novelty. They manage the advantage phenomenally and do not let them play the opposite. It is their merit and that is why they are in Champions positions,” he praised.Garitano is sure that this defeat will not influence Athletic in the face of that Cup match against Barça. “We have to get up fast, we can not afford that luxury of being low mood. With a low mood we are a team that has a hard time winning, so it has to be very high”he concluded. The azulones with three movements left the Bilbao defense in leather. Molina had it, while Raúl García did a more organizing work. Williams scored offside, reviewed by the VAR, in minute 79. Then he could put the lace Nyom, but Yeray saved her. Ibai threw a blow to the crossbar, and the boat went outside with respect to the finish line To make matters worse for Athletic, Iñigo Martínez was late for an action of Arambarri, saw yellow and that stimulating derby of the Reale Arena will be lost next working day.Bordalás: “There are people who insist on taking away merits”The coach of Getafe CF, Jose BordalásHe confessed to feeling “very happy” for the victory achieved in San Mamés against Athletic Club and said it is “a pleasure” to see his team in the Champions League area, but especially with 39 points at this point in LaLiga. CardsReferee: Javier Alberola RojasVAR Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu LahozDeyverson (11 ‘, Yellow) Mauro Arambarri (39 ‘, Yellow) Yuri (62 ‘, Yellow) Bush (62 ‘, Yellow) Damián Suarez (66 ‘, Yellow) Nyom (69 ‘, Yellow) Íñigo Martínez (85 ‘, Yellow ChangesJorge Molina (54 ‘, Deyverson), Aduriz (66 ‘, Villalibre), Cap (67 ‘, Lekue), Ibai Gomez (67 ‘, Unai López), Timor (85 ‘, Mata), Kenedy (91 ‘, Nyom)last_img


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