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Hooligans Vandalize Property in Laayoune After Algerias CAN Victory

Rabat – On July 19, Laayoune witnessed a series of incidents of vandalism following celebrations of the Algerian national team’s victory in the African Cup of Nations.The Wilaya of Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra released a statement saying that a group of people, encouraged by hostile individuals, took advantage of the celebratory atmosphere to carry out acts of sabotage and looting of property.The incidents took place immediately after the coronation of the Algerian national team. The police were forced to intervene to protect private and public property as the criminal acts continued until 3 am on July 20. The statement added that the acts of sabotage occurred in Laayoune’s main street where a bank agency was set on fire. Dozens of police officers were injured, four of them sustaining serious injuries.Amidst the chaos, a 24-year-old woman was transferred to hospital in a critical condition. She died of her injuries at the regional hospital in Laayoune. An investigation is underway under the supervision of the Public Prosecution’s office to determine the circumstances of her death. “Authorities have also opened an investigation in order to identify and arrest all those involved in these criminal acts,” says the statement.


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