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Agadir Police Seize Six Tons and 723 Kilograms of Cannabis Resin

Rabat – Based on intel provided by the Directorate-General for Territorial Surveillance (DGST) on August 29, judicial police in Agadir arrested a 54-year-old suspected of belonging to an international drug trafficking network.In coordination with Royal Gendarmerie, police forces attempted to seize three vehicles thought to be trafficking massive quantities of cannabis resin. The cars’ drivers, however, tried to escape, damaging highway equipment and facilities in the process. One of the suspects also fired a hunting rifle at the police officers in an attempt to avoid arrest. Different Moroccan police forces cooperated in leading search operations. The search enabled the seizure of two cars with fake plates, six tons and 723 kilograms of cannabis resin, and the hunting rifle.Police arrested all the suspects involved and opened an investigation into the case under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office. The investigations are ongoing in order to arrest possible accomplices in the trafficking network and to determine if it is  connected to other international drug trafficking networks.


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