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To secure lasting progress in Africa Annan calls for support to its

“Like their parents, Africa’s young people believe that their continent is potentially one of the richest regions on earth, but needs more accountable and inclusive policies to make it a place where they can live safely, in freedom and dignity,” he told the 23rd Conference of Heads of State and Government of Africa and France, in Bamako, Mali.”I share their faith in Africa’s enormous potential, and along with the entire UN system will continue to work with Africa and its partners to turn our hopes for a better Africa into reality,” he added in the message, delivered by Ibrahim Gambari, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs.Despite the fact that more than two-thirds of Africans now live relatively peacefully in countries with multiparty political systems, Africans are terribly marginalized in the world economy.”This Summit has rightly identified Africa’s youth as a key path to lasting progress,” he said. “The investments we make today in their education, in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and in promoting the peaceful resolution of disputes could be decisive in liberating their talents and energies and enabling them to manage the continent tomorrow.”Education and employment were essential in that effort, he said, referring to a new report by the UN Office for West Africa (UNOWA) on the links between youth unemployment and regional insecurity.Saluting recent initiatives to give African youth better access to technology, he also welcomed France’s support for innovative sources of financing for development, and he stressed the responsibility of African stakeholders themselves to combat corruption and promote respect for the rule of law and human rights.”Such action is vital if Africa is to build confidence and create a climate conducive to domestic and international investment,” he said.


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