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Unmanned X37B Spacecraft Returns to Earth

first_imgIt’s been orbiting for seven months. Its mission is classified. And now the X-37B is back home. The unmanned spacecraft touched down at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base at 1:14 AM PT this morning. The primary purpose of the mission was apparently to test the craft also known as the Oribital Test Vehicle. The military will not say whether the ship was carrying any cargo. According to a statement, the craft “completed all the on-orbit objectives for the first mission.”The ship was built by Boeing. It weighs 11,000 pounds, measures 9.5 feet tall, 29 feet long, and has a wingspan of under 15 feet. The Associated Press likens it to a sports car, with the more traditional spaceship something more akin to a cargo truck.According to the military, the ship is set to return to space in spring of next year.last_img


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