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Microsoft If you dont have the Internet then stick with Xbox 360

first_imgAny talk of Microsoft reversing their policy of the Xbox One phoning home every 24 hours has been quashed by comments made by Don Mattrick, front man for the Microsoft E3 event and President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at the company.Mattrick was interviewed by GameTrailers and inevitably tackled the issue of the need to connect the Xbox One at regular intervals to allow it to continue functioning. His explanation may surprise you, referring to the requirement as an “online state” that future-proofs the console in a “service-based world.” He also confirms Microsoft expected the push back from gamers over this decision, but genuinely believes that you won’t understand how great the online state is until you actually try it.Mattrick’s comments also make it clear why Microsoft decided to redesign the Xbox 360 to look more like the Xbox One. They see the 360 as being the console gamers will stick with if they don’t have access to the Internet, and Mattrick treats this as being a “fortunate” situation.I think Microsoft is being a little naive if they think gamers without Internet access will decide to buy or stick with an Xbox 360. Ultimately, game releases will dry up for the current-gen console over the next few years, and they do have alternatives in the form of the Wii U and PS4, both of which don’t require the Internet in order to function. How many unconnected gamers will choose Xbox 360 over one of those alternatives?But it seems clear now that Microsoft’s stance on Xbox One is: you’ll love the online state of Xbox One once you’ve actually tried it, and if you can’t connect to the Internet it’s fine because you still have the Xbox 360.last_img


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