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Savio doesnt think Vinicius is the new Robinho

first_imgBrazilian former player Savio Bortolini, denied that Vinicius Junior can be compared to compatriot Robinho as an equally flawed player.Vinicius Junior has already made his particular impact in Real Madrid after he arrived, but this hasn’t prevented comparisons with Robinho and people like Savio Bortolini don’t agree with this notion.The former Brazilian player analyzed the style of play that the Flamengo product has, he compared it with the Santos product and he wanted to convince people that these two forwards have very little in common.The youngster has already given us a small taste of the type of football he practices, which is on the same vein as Robinho’s but there are many nuances that we need to point out in this article.For starters, Vinicius has a much better physique than Robinho ever had. The Santos product arrived in Real Madrid as a skinny kid, he never reached the muscular body that the young Flamengo product already has and that always makes a huge difference when you are comparing one player to another.You can make the argument that Messi triumphed with a small physique, but Lionel is actually one of the strongest players in football history despite being short.🗣 Sávio Bortolini ha hablado sobre los primeros meses de Vinicius en el Real Madrid 💬 “La historia del Vinicius en el Real Madrid tiene todo para ser rica, diferente de la historia del Robinho”https://t.co/9M4nEVN7jK— AS (@diarioas) November 13, 2018Robinho’s composition was very different, his pace was different and he never really gave us the impression that he would improve the clumsy way in which he always ran.‘Vinny’ on the other hand, already looks like a gazelle running on the pitch and has a very strong composition. Their style of play is also very different, Robinho was a lot more selfish with the ball.Vinicius does share a similar style because he is Brazilian, but he resembles Neymar far more than he does Robinho and Vinicius is even more practical than both of them.From the very start of his career at Real Madrid with the first squad, Vinicius has always shown that he wants to share the ball with all his teammates, he hasn’t given any hints of him taking all the spotlight because he understands that he is still very young and his time will eventually come.Robinho always wanted to give far more than he was capable of, and he never really proved that he could carry the team on his shoulders even when he was well into his first couple of years in Real Madrid.Robinho was more talented than Vinícius Júnior, there’s no doubt about that, he was a one of a kind talent and Santos scouts still consider him the most skillful player to emerge from their academy since Pelé.Jose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach.Oh what could have been, if he took care of himself. pic.twitter.com/kJc4L1dBV4— Seleção Brasileira (@BrazilStat) September 30, 2018When compatriot Savio was questioned about the many virtues that Vinicius has, he didn’t hesitate to say that it is still too soon to make a final verdict and comparing him to Robinho is unfair to the veteran.Bortolini clearly said that Vinicius is the better player out of the two, which is not surprising and everybody can already notice with the few matches that Vinicius has already played. Comparing both players is simply wrong.“I think it’s still early to make an analysis on Vinicius. We can’t forget that he is an 18-year old kid, he is still too young and has a bright future ahead,” said Savio quoted by Diario AS. “Neither he nor the club can rush things yet. I believe that having him start matches is still too soon for him.”“I also think that he is paving his way in a good direction, he will soon realize what it means to play for Real Madrid with everything he has experienced thus far.”“We can’t assume that at 18, he can just come and start matches just like that. A process like this takes some time. It is impossible for me to see Vinicius as the new Robinho, I hate making a comparison such as this in football.”“Each of them has their profile, their style, their moment, and their era. One has nothing to do with the other. Both of them lived a different story.”“Vinicius’ story with Real Madrid has everything to become a wildly successful one, different to Robinho’s. I simply can’t make that comparison,” he added.Esos 45 millones de Vinicius, tienen pinta de ser un Drenthe o Robinho. #VerdadesQueDuelen pic.twitter.com/J9zUCP1DXh— Sir Juego Balón (@juegobalon) July 16, 2018What do you think about the comparisons between Robinho and Vinicius? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img


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