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Watch an enraged Apple Store customer go on a 10000 smashing spree

first_imgYou’ve probably seen your share of iPhone torture videos over the years. Today’s installment is a bit different: it involves devices that haven’t even left the Apple Store yet.That guy up there? Yeah, he’s not strolling around with a microfiber cloth cleaning fingerprints off all the iPhones and iPads. Nope. He dropped in to exact a little revenge on Apple, and he came to collect with a boule de petanque.For those of you who aren’t familiar, petanque is a game played with balls and it’s similar to bocce. There are a few differences. For one, you toss your balls rather than rolling them. Another is that the balls you toss are heavy, made of metal, and are really, really great for smashing things like small electronics.With the ice-cold demeanor of a hitman, this guy strolls calmly from display-to-display, taking devices off their stands, placing them flat on the table, and then delivering one fatal blow after another. He’s clearly planned the whole thing out. He’s even wearing an Ove Glove (or something similar) on his bashing hand to avoid walking away with any shrapnel stuck in it.iPhones. Macbooks. Even an iMac. All told, it’s estimated that he wrecked about $10,000 worth of Apple hardware before mall security intervened.So what set him off? Apparently he felt like Apple gave him the short end of the stick with a warranty claim — you can hear him shouting things about his consumer rights being violated while he plays petanque-ball whack-a-mole.last_img


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