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Shanghai Longfeng optimization division does not change the old thought of death

many webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng special love imitation of someone else’s website, give up personality, the result is often had another website without any special features. In fact, the other is not necessarily good, his website perhaps is the imitation of others. Now the network competition is so fierce, the public is certainly not to win the eye, to the pursuit of personalized and scarcity of the site in order to give the visitors left a deep impression, will succeed.


you are not to say every day to make the number of manual editing, word acquisition to paragraphs? How to modify? Even reached more than 80% of the original artifacts? Now it is almost no effect! Because I love Shanghai more emphasis on the user experience.

enterprise website, company profiles, news, industry technology, few people care about these things. People are most concerned about is your enterprise product quality, service, price, promotions and other information. So, take no interest in the content page visitors down as soon as possible, to the content they want, the only way to keep the first time visitors.

visit the website of IP is not your customers, as well as its competitors, and to learn the reference, if the enterprise website may also be candidates for the various needs! A lot, you must pay attention to distinguish between primary and secondary. In the navigation and layout of the mainstream demand has been met, and if you can meet the demand of the most access, love Shanghai on your website will give you a

manual manufacturing original text can not meet the needs of visitors, Shanghai dragon should pursue for any information website published have reference value for the visitors! Only solve the visitor demand, provide more added value, is the site long unbeaten path.

3, from the original pursuit into the pursuit of the value of

2, the interface from the imitation opponent to focus on personality design

1, from a focus on customer needs to focus on the search for

, the more complex the weights more dispersed, visitors find themselves with information for longer time, there is a large loss of user experience practice. Now the competition is so fierce, distractions will lead you to spend more time than the opponent to effect. May wish to the site to do subtraction, will concentrate on doing their own good, and reflected in the layout, so that visitors can locate the mainstream demand instant own satisfactory information.

4, from the large to do subtraction

! The

all Shanghai Longfeng classmates, you still follow the old idea of website optimization? If yes, please as soon as possible to establish a new idea of abandon, Shanghai dragon, responsible for the website or you will die!


many sites are seeking love, involves much more special, is the starting point to the site that anyone can find their own satisfactory information, the website will also own more comprehensive exposure in front of visitors.


above is my suggestion to four people, if you are interested.


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