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Details determine success or failure analysis of those important details in the optimization work is

safety certification through love Shanghai, thus allowing users to rest assured to your web site for a variety of activities, and can let love Shanghai trust your website, identify your website, so as to improve your rankings, so do we shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not?

details: three

details: two websites trust

innovative website content ?

we can see Shanghai dragon VIP description is very creative, although the description is very short, and not deliberately increase keyword density, the ranking has little effect, but greatly improves the user experience. This description and other Shanghai dragon training site description of different, can produce a new visual impact on users, people can not help but click into the website content, therefore, we should emulate the Shanghai dragon VIP, careful attention to good description of this detail, to get more user attention.

then at the end of the day, what are the common factors in our optimization in details? I can probably list for everyone to see: the description of the website, the website trust, website article innovation and so on, these small details are often be ignored most of Shanghai dragon Er, and now I have to talk to you well, how can these small details, then annihilate other opponents, the home page of the throne.

The three major label

website includes the title, keywords, description. The title and keywords can be used to improve keyword density, so many Shanghai dragon Er attention, but the description is ignored. Most Shanghai dragon Er that as long as the casual writing description on the line, anyway, not what function of ranking. But that is not the case, we take the Shanghai dragon VIP as an example, the following figure:


web content is always the priority among priorities of Shanghai Longfeng work, but more and more Shanghai Longfeng Er ignores this one detail innovation, more is to update the content >


in the intrigues of the era, people are in doubt, and the trust website is to get the user a centering pin. Can be a variety of methods to improve the website trust, but the author thinks that a method is the most effective (mainly for enterprises in large sites, small sites, it is not recommended) through the safety certification, for example, the following web site:

with transparent Shanghai Dragon technology, more and more owners have mastered the basic skills and methods of optimization of Shanghai dragon, these tend to be quite different result in different results: the optimization of the same keywords, website to others in the home, why your website is often in 50, 60 after the author can be summarized? Why use a word: details determine success or failure.

details: the description of the website


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