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Discussion secret pictures Shanghai dragon optimization

[introduction] the majority of small and medium enterprises site are based on products, and the number of these sites occupy a large proportion in the network. The products of the website often involves a large number of pictures, if not the implementation of a very good optimization, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of Shanghai dragon. This girl will come and share some pictures of the optimization method.

2, write a complete The number of

A lot of Shanghai dragon >


3, an excellent ALT label, is one of the most simple words to express the meaning of the picture reflected.


do image search engine optimization, with the picture format has an integral relationship. Because, not only related to the size of picture format and pictures, and browser compatibility also have a certain relationship. We should pay attention to the following situations:

, using GIF or JPEG format picture.

five, localization.

then the ALT label how to write

1, my advice, all above 80*80 pictures are recommended to write alt. We take a look at some do a good website is how to do, such as map, we can refer to.

1, color distortion, incomplete picture display. For this picture, and resolutely do not use.


four, to control the picture.

2, using a general picture format. Now the general picture format is GIF or JPEG format.

Shanghai dragon Er all know ALT tag, but few Shanghai dragon ER will go to pay attention to this label, usually a direct copy over the finished thing, resulting in the lack of ALT picture description tag, the most direct consequence is that the search engine spiders cannot identify this picture instead of grabbing.

Two, write the ALT label

3, recommended not to use the picture format. Such as PNG, BMP etc., because the format volume relative to JPEG is relatively large, will affect the speed of loading.

of the picture is always the girl in the fine and not too much, the picture will increase the volume of the page, the page loading speed effect, will directly affect the user experience. In order to ensure the normal loading pages, recommend a girl in the text of "don’t put more than 4 pictures.

4, in order to facilitate the search engine spiders crawl, NH recommendations plus a master key, in three around the picture with the keyword in ALT tags. This can increase the picture in the related keyword search rankings, and conducive to the interpretation of the image search engine and add pictures included, thus increasing access to flow from the picture effect.

tag, not in order to save the thing, some contents omitted


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