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How to optimize the target keywords website

4, each column on the home page, as much as possible some target keywords, this is mainly in order to increase the density of keywords. For example, Shanghai Dragon Charm, to Shanghai dragon as the target keywords, then in the home page many columns will appear more relevant and the Shanghai dragon column, like "Shanghai dragon concept, Shanghai dragon thinking, Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai dragon Quiz Book, Shanghai dragon is what".

target keywords

three aspects of how to optimize the target keywords, target specific ideas of keyword optimization;

learn how to optimize target keywords as a priority for Shanghai dragon optimization process, want to master the optimization target keywords skills, you must first understand what is the target keywords, and how to choose the target keywords and keyword competition analysis, when the completion of the two you can learn how to optimize the target keywords.

Next we analysis 2, the establishment of

3, for enterprise core products as the target keywords expansibility choice of long tail keywords, can go to look at the area of constraint. Mean, if your products are mainly sold in Fujian area, such as selling moon cake; if you as a target keywords to the moon cake, believe that this competition will increase, increasing the difficulty of optimization. Then you can choose Fujian moon cake, even Quanzhou cakes, so the key is more objective, more clearly, but also reduce some difficulty for your optimization. And you can also import more specific customer groups, to reach a higher conversion rate of target customers.

, how to optimize the enterprise website

1, choose your company’s core products 1-3, as your target keywords web page; please use love Shanghai to determine the target keywords, noble baby search your target keywords, if in the first page of search results, most of them are to promote bidding rankings, so we suggest you based on these keywords, search for relevant keywords. Because if the search result is extended too much occupied by the way that the target keywords competition of your choice is very strong; and if you can get good rankings, so also can’t in the first let users see search results first came into sight or the promotion of search, so even if you’re in the first row, effect also is. Because people search habits are at the first few search results, so the choice of keywords is strongly recommended that you do not have too much promotion results as your target keywords website.


website, the website structure and component: good navigation clear and concise, with good update mechanism. The structure of the site must be tree structured, and in the main navigation bar appear more days and some target keywords.

5, enterprise web page title format: 1_ 2_ 3- keywords keywords keywords company name; for example: Shanghai dragon _ tutorial network promotion way – Shanghai dragon charm. Here we have to provide you a good advice.


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