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Believe it or not the nobles are using the Analytics data of your baby

Many webmaster comrades see

no doubt, all kinds of search engines in the collection of data to make their way through the various search results more perfect. Noble baby naturally will not miss our Analytic data. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that we will suffer heavy losses. Maybe we can through the appropriate method, using Analytics data make our website ranked higher or.


but we don’t yet analysis First impressions are strongest. Meet with the owners who had noble baby engineers in the form of questions and answers a question of whether the use of words such as noble baby bounce rate, exit rate, residence time and other special elements. But these problems are too strong, the smart guys talk ambiguously back. In fact, rather than asking you: there is no nobility baby ranking website using Analytics data? Because the nobility baby is not just about a detail, but in the overall situation data.

since Larry came to power, nobility baby unprofitable project have been clicked. Not noble baby has lost ability to innovate, but they become more practical. The project requires a lot of resources to support, such as the Analytic function will need a lot of hardware, software, maintenance and energy costs. Analytics is free, for now the noble baby, if you can not provide Analytic value, there is no need for its existence. So it will leave the noble baby to understand: what data need to use noble baby. With a classic saying is: if you do not pay for the product, then you are selling products.

however, noble baby never completely flawed over the usefulness of these data, which many of the ideas we have is just a guess. However, if we look at the noble baby recent trend — especially after receiving Larry page, you will get an exact information: Yes, the noble baby is using this information.

good use of the noble baby Analytics, began to use without demur. But the really clever children often think twice: noble baby will use our data? If so, what did they do this? This will cause damage to what I




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