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The correlation factor of website is very important

We often say that the

website ranking, keyword ranking; the fact that the site is the page keyword ranking ranking. Because the search engine is to grab the page information, if the home page there is a keyword search engine that the highest frequency of keywords is an important word; the acquisition will be equally relatively high! So we need to note that the key is placed in the page, column page, the page can not be too much the best control in about 3-4, the important is the need between words; this page will get equally related other pages relatively high! Page sections and content all need around the keywords layout.

keyword is a special web site to do some more, and not related, such as: ultrasonic cleaning machine Title Ultrasonic cleaning machine, optical lens cleaning machine, single ultrasonic washing, high pressure spray washing machine brand "title obviously there are some key words and key words are not consistent with the keywords for different! The main species will lead to a long time to get keywords ranking; similar words can make the main keywords to enhance the role of the acquisition time and equal in rank is shorter; the above title has been changed to" small ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, household ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine there are kinds of main key words, each product will have their types and type


2. page keywords are around the main keywords

we have noticed some websites to publish content using hot news on the network, in fact, this approach is not good; because we use hot news to do keywords only can intercept short time flow to the site.

3. content of the page is around the site keyword expansion

web site keywords optimization for a long time when we should check whether the site with matching the keywords! What we do if the website, and the keywords? For example: do the washing machine, and the website content is about the dishwasher; when the user visits the site that has entered a completely different this is the website, the user is attracted to click, and then immediately shut! Often some optimization personnel will own not related products or content are added to the site, which has become a burden on the website! If the page of the web site keywords too much too much will directly affect the search engine for judging the importance of the site; don’t know which words are important words, when assigning weights down some simple words have good parts and some key words are rarely equal! Eventually led to the website main keywords has been do not go up. So the website needs to make "unity"! Such as: products are the same series, keywords are related, the layout of the page is around the main keywords, proper layout of some long tail word! What should we do to promote the relationship between keyword rankings, Shenzhen dragon Feng Wei Wei to share with you view

When the !Keywords

1. is similarThe


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