Thousand By the Shanghai Dragon


I finally rejected the invitation, there are many reasons, the main one is I have in a departure from the Shanghai dragon farther down the road. Although I am a graduate to work, do Shanghai Longfeng things, although still a part of Shanghai dragon will be responsible for the work, although the industry has a special feeling for me.

actually do any one thing, you gain, with your pay, must not be inversely proportional to. That is to say, the more effort you pay more, get more. And hide, but feel hard to hesitate to move forward, even if exposed to the weather fishing may not be able to catch fish. With this idea in mind, it is not only a door today, but all the doors will open for you. Because, hobbies and >

is really too many people have diverted preaching to the new people, and do other work, not too deep, the most regret too late. That the little meat, dive in and know the truth of the helpless, on tenterhooks. Optimization of industry really has been changed, if you still in situ, with no modifications, of course will be confused. From the view of philosophy, nothing is eternal, and our modern society change rapidly, requires that each moment in the industry forward. We strive to master the requirements of the times, changes in your industry, has not outdated technology, you will always have a way out.

recently happened a lot of things, one half of the Chinese steps span travel back and forth, finally come to an end. The Mid Autumn Festival to take a vacation, swinging watch once stopped, too quiet, can not help but think of many things. Think of this time change the way we think of this industry, the forum, a bearish exchange group, marvel.

Some beginners

relative to the touch, I can also say a shamefaced own veterans. Shanghai Longfeng for this industry, most of the new Shanghai dragon Er began to do is mechanical, repetitive work, there is not much technical content, most have little skill. They work hard, pay is low. However, with every day compared to preach Shanghai Longfeng muddle along, no future veteran, them vibrant. Therefore, I am willing to give them a not worth mentioning from help, even if they only let go a few detours.

these days, a Shendu search WeChat for my friend, said a job recommendation, I feel very fit, asked if I was interested in, then the data sent to the recruitment. I was back: don’t you know that I have not interested in it, while checking the mail. This is a big company to do sanitary products, treatment is good, a monthly salary of 20K+, and various other benefits, optimize the recruitment supervisor. Although the Shanghai is not a high salary, for the optimization of industry, is more than my sincerity, but the current free broth of fresh water, a lot higher.


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