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Several points can not ignore the website optimization

as the saying goes, the body is the capital of revolution, the site is not the exception, if a site is not healthy, it will not survive in the internet. According to the statistics of some of the security of the site, the cause of web traffic ranking is a rapid decline in the first place is the site or the black horse, so do the site safety maintenance, is that the site has a stable flow of guarantee. The security maintenance of the website more is to detect and repair website vulnerabilities. The general site safety inspection: SQL injection vulnerability detection, XSS cross site attack test, detection and detection of database access permissions on the folder. If you are a novice can go to our website security testing platform (iiscan) which belongs to scan, fool tool. In addition, make sure to find vulnerabilities as soon as possible to repair, or otherwise easily invaded.

, a website security testing can not ignore

web site chain optimization with the chain optimization are equally important, the chain is currently attracting the arrival of the spider, and in the role of the chain is to extend the duration of stay in the spider web. I also believe that many webmaster have optimized site within the chain, but a lot of simple keyword link to the home page. This is obviously not in the chain optimization pass. A chain optimization is good links to form a network, such as some of the relevant contents of the article, you can have keywords links. Within the chain optimization sites like the time network is doing very well, a keyword is often caused by a few articles reading list, so that the spider will continue to stay inside the site, you will be faster to collect the latest information released.

chain optimization website, two

Can not ignore the

I believe we have seen a lot of website optimization tutorial on the Internet, a variety of methods, all kinds of. Shanghai dragon white hat methods have rules, of course don’t some software brush, hanging black chain etc. the black hat Shanghai dragon. According to the current situation, many webmaster for website optimization optimization more tend to be outside the site. More owners keen to release in the major platform for the chain, Links exchange, or even buy black chain. Of course, the chain increase will increase your exposure rate, especially some high quality the chain, to attract spider coming play a great help, so the chain to insist on doing. But not only is a simple web site optimization chain, in fact, there are several web site optimization is not negligible.

the content of the website will give visitors see, and original content is an important weapon to attract their attention, in addition, the content of the website original content on the site included also played a significant role. In fact, for the novice, a little while to write some original articles, it is difficult, but if blindly reproduced articles, so the station can not attract what users can not attract the arrival of the spider. So, for the novice, the website must have the original. We can add the information of some personal opinions, which belong to their original things, can see a >

three, the content of the website can not ignore the original


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