Six skills of competitive keywords

this time we talk about keyword optimization of a core question – keywords to determine the degree of competition. To do a lot of analysis data before we determine the site of the core words, we choose the keywords should be according to their own situation, after all, most of the resources are not strong personal webmaster, so whether a keyword competition can make us better site for later development has taken a solid step forward.

1, the number of search results

observation of the search results page ranking number, can often tell a word. "

when we search a word, the search engine will return a number of search results, this is our first assessment of a number of key competition of the basis, general search results in one hundred thousand the following word is unpopular words, words like we do if he links, update the content. Once was collected will have very good rankings. The search results if there is competition in hundreds of thousands of instructions, need to do a bit of a good website to compete. The search results in two million, that this word is the degree of competition is relatively strong words, need to update the content of long-term stability, increase the chain, in order to get a good ranking. The search results in the million level, it is super hot word, general Adsense is not considered, must avoid direct competition hot words such as. But the result is not absolute, should make a concrete analysis of concrete situation. For example, a common vocabulary, such as schools, parks, this kind of word we, although a huge amount of search, but because there is no commercial value and the degree of competition is greatly reduced.

3, the auction price of

2, bid number

general search engine is to provide the reference price of the bidding, such as love Shanghai, estimates and Google keyword traffic, we can compare these words from the bidding high keywords competition. Keywords general bidding price is high, the degree of competition is relatively intense, such as some of the health care industry project, or some slimming drugs such as. These industry profits bidding prices are ridiculously high.

a word if there are a lot of bidding in front, then this word is often a huge industry vocabulary, although some words the number of search results is not high, but in front of the auction but there are quite a few, some even to the 10 bidding such as private hospitals regional, regional tourism, so webmaster friends in the choice of such words should be considered, the number of the front for too many have carved up a lot of traffic, even if your website in search of the nature of the first flow rate can be obtained is also quite limited. There is a need to pay attention to the problem about bidding search should consider the geographical and time problems, each local search results is not the same, day and night search results is not the same. So it is recommended that the station can be in love in Shanghai to promote the background, select a local search.

, 4 pages ranking number


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