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Shanghai dragon living conditions hard soft = Tool Creative trend method

3. trend methodWe say that a

said it is a necessary condition for most creative industry, an enterprise to compete in the harsh environment of long-term walking, rely on superb technology and extraordinary creativity, in order to survive in the same industry. Shanghai dragon in this industry needs to be more creative to guide others, what is some skills you have, others do not have the skills you have, in the final analysis to finding some new resources to enhance the visibility of the site, the article not only to write the original meaning but also compared with today’s popular news and business trends to enrich website. Do these two methods need to be flexible.


1. hard tool

program can be based on individual cases, not all can be a way to solve it, as we are always concerned about the love of Shanghai update algorithm, the update algorithm since the end of last year love Shanghai frequently, for medical treatment, to link the sale of pseudo original for each change, we they need to adopt corresponding strategies to deal with, it can be said that we are looking at the work face of the love of Shanghai. But we need to know what is the general principle to love Shanghai. "

2. soft creative

of Shanghai Longfeng living conditions hard soft = Tool + Creative + trend method

I don’t know the webmaster will usually use what tools, but tool webmaster tools should be used, check, check, check ranking chain PR, it is relatively easy to use, but sometimes also search rankings and snapshots is not very accurate, to remind the owners also need to love Shanghai search engine check. Recently I also find some long tail keywords using this tool, can refer to. In addition, there is a webmaster tools is love station network, the function is the same for use. The last is love Shanghai own webmaster tools, the function is complete, why should love Shanghai webmaster tools into the final say, because this tool is for the site in question can check analysis or prevention, such as the death of submission, and the latest web pages, abnormal website launched abnormal reminder function, very good to help owners to solve the problem of the website, it is more practical and authoritative tool. How is the work of Shanghai dragon general enough to master these tools.

Shanghai dragon in this line of friends often think about some problems, is how to ranking how to stabilize the climb, how can the snapshot update frequently, traffic can be nothing wrong with these troubles grow with each passing day, often around us, and we can solve it, the original is a high quality the chain, which we all brush flow of course, Shanghai also know, know love. We know what to do, but always backfire, there are always a few happy tears when. Now is the arrival of the mobile Internet era, the future of Shanghai dragon road is tortuous difficult, you can’t take the most abundant information provided for the first time to the user, you will be thrown away from the internet. Find Shanghai dragon production conditions imminent.


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