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Love 32 things on manual intervention after Shanghai Shanghai Dragon


we decide on what path to follow?

this way, Shanghai is recruiting staff or dragon is now ready to recruit Shanghai Longfeng related personnel enterprise station began a new round of wait-and-see, after all, now Shanghai is in love with the sea dragon began to explicitly recognize the manual intervention, and the more important is that sentence behind "advice webmaster Shanghai Phoenix on the site before the reference reading love Shanghai Official Guide", this is not a living his promotion based on Shanghai dragon ER pain? Write the meaning of this sentence is unclear? I think this sentence.

February 15, 2012 is all Shanghai dragon Er day to remember, because on this day no matter what the search keywords associated with Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon will have such a prompt "love Shanghai reminds you: do not believe the Shanghai dragon’s theory and case, improper Shanghai dragon may cause the risk to your site. The webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations on the site before reading the official guide to love Shanghai." Before many people think that love Shanghai in the artificial intervention in Shanghai Longfeng rankings, such as love all related with the Shanghai Longfeng sites in Shanghai are not less than five, such as Shanghai, Shanghai know love love, love of Shanghai, love Shanghai dictionary optimization guide are Department of occupation on the home position, and in February 15th. Love Shanghai with express way to tell Shanghai dragon ER, I began to counterattack. In this situation, I believe many are better or just starting to feel Shanghai dragon ER confusion of the future.

believe that before the incident, 99% personal websites are mainly relying on search engine optimization to obtain the traffic, and some small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to increase network promotion efforts, if you have visited the Shanghai dragon related work will see an unspoken rule, that is after all the candidates familiar with the major search engine optimization and this is nothing more than to tell Shanghai Longfeng candidates, you need to do most of the work is to acquire traffic from search engine and the sudden appearance of such a situation now, will undoubtedly make more to employees Shanghai dragon chicken industry friends or formal practitioners ate Shanghai Longfeng a time bomb, especially in Shanghai to Dragon Industry friends to flex its muscles, such information is undoubtedly an atomic bomb, let the dream was to explode.

to love Shanghai began to counterattack optimization of specific search engine, in fact, love Shanghai to do so is to tell all want to get through the website of Shanghai dragon optimization, send a message, "you do not optimize the Shanghai dragon, as well as to make for promotion ah, so that there is a security", this is just a guess I just, don’t take it seriously. Through the love of Shanghai show these words in the search results, the Shanghai dragon ER, the face of this situation we still continue to own Shanghai dragon industry? So as Shanghai dragon ER and the


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