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Optimization analysis sharing building and optimization background settings

lwash (DedeCms) in a simple, practical, open source is known, is a PHP open source website management system is the use of the most well-known, most users of the PHP CMS system. DedeCMS technology based on PHP+MySQL, support for multiple server platforms.

system for its stable, powerful, easy to use and other characteristics are more and more acceptable to the webmaster. Are all know to learn Shanghai dragon, although do not necessarily need to be written procedures, will develop a website, but only if Shanghai dragon registered a third party blog, certainly can, but many steps no way to operate, can not fully experience the process. So, have a website is very important, the domain name of the website and the space is relatively easy to solve, but set up a website for the novice webmaster, there is a certain degree of difficulty. Note that the tide of Shanghai Dragon said here is to build a website, rather than developing a website. To build a website, can be accomplished by using some of the open source system on the internet. Today, the tide of Shanghai Longfeng for novice friends to share and build optimization background settings.

download system is relatively simple. In the search for "love Shanghai. You can find the website system. Then select the appropriate version download. Because of dream weaving system has three versions, one is GBK, one is UTF8, one is BIG5. GBK is mainly for the simplified Chinese website, UTF8 is aimed at the multi language version of the site, BIG5 is mainly aimed at the traditional Chinese website. Beginners should select the GBK version is enough enough.

system. Two, build a system of

.After the installation of the system.

also download down, we can begin to build. Build a dream weaving system, should be divided into two kinds, one is the local test, one is uploaded to the web space. Because the site must go through many tests, but first we are not familiar with the program, immediately uploaded to the site space, if there is a problem, it is not easy to modify. Then we need to start in the first computer to build a local test environment. A DEDEAMPZ download from the official website of the dream suite here, download after installation can be enabled.

we can click the start menu, and then click on "run". Enter "CMD" and click OK or enter, open a command prompt, enter the command "netstat -ano>


, download a

there will always APACHE component with a problem that is set to start. APACHE can’t start it, it is not a test. So install DEDEAMPZ before closing the thunder, anti-virus software will occupy the network software, and then install. If you still not start, then you can try the following methods.


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