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What the love of Shanghai original plan by example


website promotion is a very important part in the website, and the website is search engine optimization is a relatively cheap way of website promotion, and one of the most common, most of the websites are focused on this aspect. Because of the love of Shanghai is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, but also occupy the majority share of domestic products, so many websites on almost all love Shanghai, love Shanghai can affect every act and every move of many web sites and fate, so there are tens of thousands of people to study the law of love Shanghai.

I thought it was the beginning of love Shanghai know to crawl to the inside pages of information to analyze, and then converted to the corresponding phonetic Chinese characters, but some pages we search the entire page of text are not seen Chinese characters name, did not see the name in pinyin. And then I thought of is that information is not for ordinary users, but based on a rule to love Shanghai to see it. So I looked at the front page of a Chinese news source code. I check found really contains Chinese characters and Pinyin, the author Chinese name, then there is the address, belongs to the category, quantity, discussion forum published time, article title, ID, etc..

but just this time I found an Internet phenomenon, and this phenomenon is Shanghai’s original plan with love, I think it is necessary to share with you, let a person can also do not know this information to let friends know, two of thinking that you may see more objective answer more people.


as everyone knows, love Shanghai for nearly a year if not stopped, we can think of is to deal with the challenges of the Qihoo black players, but no matter what, these actions have already been built. For example, the chain of cheating Scindapsus algorithm, this algorithm and later upgrade version; for pomegranate algorithms for garbage pages and encourage original knowledge of the original spark program. At the same time also launched many webmaster tools, such as page evaluation, index query, reject the chain and so on.

when searching for hot news today, one of the results attracted me, I saw the results is to point to chinanews贵族宝贝, we all know that the site is a national authoritative news website, many articles which are original, so the website can result in marked original love Shanghai also be not at all surprising. However, we all know now that love Shanghai author, published sources, original label, which is the author caught my attention, I found the name in Shanghai in search results is the author of Chinese characters spelling, and in the final page is written responsibility editing and then add a edit the name, some even editor did not write up, that is to say the whole page does not appear the author information, but love Shanghai search results there is the author, but also the name of the spelling alphabet.


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