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Website optimization inside and outside the chain chain in the end how to deal with


this example is completely to a relevant page ranking up examples for the anchor text. After so many years now the search engine certainly has the ability to deal with this page, but from the beginning of the anchor text is always an important factor in ranking, but now is the anchor text and web content more closely integrated to judge.

October 2003, George Johnston called on the people to use "miserable failure" (a) the keywords as anchor text, link to the White House website of President Bush’s personal introduction page. Two months later, search for "miserable failure" in this noble baby, Bush’s rise to the first page, search for "failure" is the first. In this page, whether it is miserable, failure, or miserable failure, are not mentioned.

the role of the chain is in the affirmative, but now the chain has become more and more free to do well, if the conditions can be appropriate to add some paid links. If you think too much of it, so I advise you to stick to a few months, when your site gradually NB, the chain can be gradually.

talk about the chain, after the adjustment of love in Shanghai in recent months, we will find a lot of ranking and even home first station, independent domain name chain are small, even can be found outside the chain of independent domain name is O, this time is the most easy to let everyone whispered, the chain is not what? But the ranking of the decision is not just outside the chain, we look at the history of these stations (example can see my previous article in the bidding and optimization of medical network promotion is necessary at the same time it) is actually a very important factor, now also in Shanghai love ranking sites also have at least more than two stations, some stations even reached more than 6 years of history.

of each contact site optimization of people from the beginning will probably all know Web links including inside and outside the chain chain, there is a consensus, that is whether the chain in the chain, are indispensable. But on the chain in the chain approach, quantity, distribution and so on are all said. Since each point, so under what represents only weeks old ideas, do not insist you agree.

chain with an anthropomorphic argument is equivalent to our friends, our website just debuted, or ranking the bottleneck in the impact, good quality and appropriate number of friends to push us back, this time there will be timely assistance effect, the quality of most people to do the optimization, as the number of all walks of life, the intensity of competition, there will be very different. In addition to title and website content website itself, the anchor text of the chain search engine has become an important factor to determine our web site keywords. Many years ago, a very famous anchor text keywords spoof examples (the following is an excerpt from the Zac blog):



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