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Beware of competitors in the frame you stand

Lu Songsong think this post for small owners is still very useful, but it is a pity that the official answer is always love Shanghai, ready to accept either course of reverie. Until now, to solve this problem is still not very good.

A: if you want to maintain a strategy of life cycle, the best way is to keep the details of the secret strategy. But there is one thing for sure, a sophisticated search engine, not easily by a factor of one or two to determine the life and death of a website.

happened to see such a post in Shanghai station Post Bar said:

asked: love Shanghai how to cheat on the way to judge is not competitors, such as buying black chain, building the group of standing, sending spam messages, these competitors can help you do. Can you give love to the judgment of the Shanghai principle, how to prevent owners, it was framed, how to report or take other measures


in Shanghai Longfeng area, framed by competitors is often the case, in order to set someone up, nothing more than two: 1, 2: External Website Web site. The internal web site is usually linked to horse, invasion, modify robots, website security at this stage do have a good case, the invasion of the cost is relatively high, then through the website to disrupt the external search ranking is a common practice.

but this is only one of the factors, the general high weight website will not easily be easily framed, and mixed kid blog love Shanghai adjustment in the last time, for the first time into the "Shanghai dragon" on the first page, ranked eighth, but only 12 days later, it fell to the more than 70 page ranking. But these days it is ZAC days disappear down the blog ranking.



ZAC a few days ago the Shanghai dragon every one fell in love with the sea search "Shanghai dragon" ranking disappear, as shown in figure


if a website emerge overnight in a chain, the search engine will think you cheating, this website will receive the punishment. The most common method is through the mass software, crazy spam links, spam and spam blog comments, let your website external links in a short period of time suddenly surge.


now often have friends with me, said.


from the figure it is not difficult to find, ZAC blog and forum was set up, which is a chain through the website of the other side against the most common way, sending spam, producing a great number of superimposed keywords, and now ZAC Title replaced the old perennial fall. Want to live long, away from the Shanghai dragon." I do not know is not intentional.


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