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Taobao how to improve the conversion rate of the shop owner

now many Taobao stores are not able to meet the needs of users, the implementation of 24 hours online customer service, this is understandable, after all, everyone has to rest, but everyone breaks the habit is not the same, at present, it is understood that during the day because of work or other reasons, people will be very busy, not too much time visiting the Taobao, but the evening there will be a lot of users a fraction of time to pick things they need, even after 0 there are many users in Taobao browse products, at this time, if you fancy your home products, but can not find the online customer service, then you will lose a customer.

This is the Taobao

believes that each of us is something may have a psychological, that is follow the troops to go, which sells, people buy more, we go to buy which, especially in the network, it is this kind of psychology, is a good shop, getting better and better, more and more poor even worse, that is the reason No one shows any interest in, why so many Taobao owners will spend a lot of time to brush reputation. After all, that their own good, what is not convincing, but if your customers say hello, it is not the same, therefore, the shop have a good evaluation, especially for evaluation of a product, Taobao owners can put it under this item is recommended, a user come you can directly see the goods received, it can be very good to let users feel good, confidence in the quality of this product.

basically provisions unwritten, so want to shop in Taobao and the business is good, you have to adapt to the trend of development, and consistent with you, stand in the same line, otherwise, another is unconditional refund, while you shop but do not give back, or is there many restrictions, so the user naturally will not choose you, therefore, Taobao if you want their business is good, so it is necessary to meet the needs of the market, to meet the needs of users, improve the user experience of the shop, the maximum to meet the needs of users, only in this way, you can shop the market value.

unconditional refund guarantee

Everything can be >

24 hours online customer service

Now Taobao

shop owner wants its own innumerable, each shop Business Flourishes, but many things do not want to light on the line, is the need to pay out, the only constant to try to test the true from the user’s perspective, to understand the user’s needs, you can retain users, otherwise even if you shop, every day there are a lot of user access, but not into your customers, that is useless. I believe every Taobao employers want to improve the conversion rate of his shop, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng.Html) to share with you some seemingly small problem, but the impact of several factors you shop turnover rate:

customers say is really good


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