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How to add Shanghai home sign of love

fourth: the Shanghai bid keywords love less

Only the

love Shanghai home at noon on May 17, 2012 there have been some a special symbol "add beloved Shanghai home". Zigong Shanghai dragon is then in front of the computer by observing the 50 to appear "add" the beloved Shanghai home game industry site. Draw the conclusion that, I think we should be concerned about the problem: how to add "Shanghai home" sign of love. The Zigong Shanghai dragon is to share with you the Shanghai dragon er.

keyword ranking first, will appear "add" beloved Shanghai home tips. Many of the competition, but eventually there will only be a first. Maybe you have many keywords in second, is not recommended.

actually I want to say that there is no love Shanghai auction, I also observed some "add" beloved Shanghai home this site. I through their rankings and then again in Shanghai I love search, in addition to "game" the key words, do not found the bidding. Perhaps the reason is a lot at night bidding were dropped, but I’m sure there are a lot of keyword bidding is definitely not "add" this prompted the beloved Shanghai home. Love Shanghai have always stressed the user experience in the above, there have been 10 auction again in the following this is obviously contrary to the truth.

index here is not to say. Love is not recommended for those Shanghai users do not love the site, if your site has only one keyword ranking first, so that your website is still not good enough, you won’t get the chance. Zhang Quanwo observed a number of sites, from which the law. At least two keywords ranked first in it. Not absolutely impossible such a recommendation.

second: the keywords must be ranked first in

: the first key must have real index

add the beloved Shanghai home, will want some time to share the same love Shanghai but also can enhance the website ranking? Add beloved Shanghai home whether there will be some BUG, but through the analysis of the simple, I think even if there are many BUG webmaster is no way, for many of the Shanghai dragon er, key words you do not necessarily these industries, even if it is, for many.

I emphasize here is a real index, you may through other detection tools to detect keyword index for the 0, but also can add the beloved Shanghai Home Tips, it is because the tools are not allowed, there may be the key index in Shanghai has not just love out. I also have a love of Shanghai index hundreds of keywords ranking first, but the word did not flow, while other conditions meet, but because the index is false, so there is no sign that.

third: at least two keywords ranked first


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