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No radius optimization how to do rankings


first, we want to say is the orientation of industry optimization, which is the target customer group. It is divided into many kinds of. We used to do optimization. In customer service, a customer list. In the fierce competition of the same industry. In the past, the optimization does not exist a monopoly industry. But the monopoly interests and benefits of an industry brings not only the service of a customer can look, something. Meet a customer list, the website ranking of the first page. And maintain good. This matter in the past or now or in the future optimization. In my opinion is not very difficult. After all, love Shanghai love Shanghai algorithm in the update, more humane. We are also in progress. Our technology is also in constant innovation. I don’t think this will hinder. And my vision of this industry. I think the future of the market, love Shanghai data instability. It is not enough to maintain their livelihood you make a list of customers, the current inflation rate I think we are keenly aware of the. So the first point is the orientation of the optimization, do a comprehensive service to a single enterprise to the strong, the following figure 1 and Figure 2 is I use webmaster tools to analyze 2 stations do comparison.

finally, in this people-oriented social environment. I think we no matter what kind of industry. What do the job. Are decisive in their own hands. Do not blindly follow the crowd, the blind, the blind. In the end you will find their own efforts.

is optimized in this paper. We all know this circle. Every industry each industry rules. The old saying: no rules, not Cheng Fangyuan. So in my opinion, the optimization of the industry area is not very clear. The so-called white hat and black hat Shanghai dragon of the difference is not obvious. It is not clear how to optimize the radius, we put the website ranking up? How to reasonably use the white hat and black hat technology? I am according to the author’s experience for everyone to do a detailed analysis of

second, optimization technology. The first paragraph we can say is that we do a thing target. Do a project plan. So now I want to tell you is technical things. The dividing line between the black hat and white hat is not very strict, are not clear. Some people think that is not the formal way to do the jump. You do not know the 301 directional sometimes is used to jump technology. Some people think that as long as I do the regular chain added. To increase the weight of the site through the sale of links. But we respect you from the black hat, which is not also opportunistic? So the black hat and white hat and are not the same. We should seek common ground, is the best for you. Some people do optimization, study your opponent’s website, how do you follow the opponent, learn. In fact, you don’t learn the essence of people. Wait for the love Shanghai algorithm updates, this technology is not in the mainstream. People have changed new technology. Would you like to imitate others. But you always find your feet behind the others. As the pond and the netting, everyone knows the truth.


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