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Optimization approach and core portal where

but if we are only a grass root webmaster, how to do, this time not so much manpower, when we need to come up with is the real technology, we can use the more conventional way: acquisition, many people think that the acquisition is a kind of plagiarism, will be in love with Haicha, which is Shanghai love punishment, but we don’t forget to love Shanghai for the owners the most important one: something good for users, so we in the acquisition time, do not have what to take, we need to distinguish the first is that the East West is useful to the user, is just wasting our time. Or we do. This is a shortcut to more quickly.


portal is a seldom referred to a class of optimal sites, like most people use the DZ forum, in the optimization of time will often encounter this or that lead to bottlenecks, website ranking of this or that problem, it is important to enterprises that can be used as completely normal the way to optimize, so the portal in the process of optimization specifically what needs to be done things, according to the personal experience, summed up the following contents can be optimized.

this paper is about some conventional methods, but you will see some unconventional things, the chain is my headache, because this will waste a lot of our time, but if you have enough manpower, we can still go to buy, but if not, recommend to use a variety of mass software, this must be appropriate, analysis of competitors and differences between us, the chain to do the same, can reach the recommended value is good, if you have it, it will be punished.

if we do website is large enough, may be slightly lower than the Tencent NetEase several levels, but as long as we have enough manpower and money, we do not have to worry about the contents of the source of the problem, we should spend a lot of money to get our content, buy content, recruit some editing, writing the content so that every day, our content is more perfect and sound.

no matter what type of website, content sources are extremely important, before people have mentioned "content is king, the chain is king", now in the Shanghai Dragon 3 times, the content apparently became the "overlord", its importance is self-evident, but the source of the form and content of how to obtain it.

is also the last, publicity, marketing and operations, we can use a variety of free channels, to publicity campaign, so that a large number of users into our website, to encourage users to contribute content, like A5 today this portal scale, this is the most conducive to optimizing the way, but at the start of a a portal of the previous stage, is also very difficult to achieve, so this time, need to do something to be particularly hard, if you really want to do a website.

Optimization of the


The source of

1. content and access to

The construction of the chain


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