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Do have to emphasize the optimization technology with luck


optimization webmaster all know, a few years earlier do not optimize what technical content, if you don’t know what the chain optimization, internal details, user experience and so on, these is not important, why? It is because the chain alone is sufficient, but the author experience, remember in 2009 when the company for some customers do not emphasize what optimization site is out of order, the user does not comply with the optimization rules, and how did I do? I just go to the forum every day Links, blog spam links, just copy a soft Wen with my link to get away, finally to do is the "other" ten to twenty days or so, ranking will go up certainly outside the chain will have enough ranking, it is really not that complicated and difficult.

and the Shanghai dragon age do optimization is not so easy, as the technology changes Shanghai has finished love algorithm also, greatly increased the difficulty of optimization, bring a lot of trouble for the webmaster ah, now do optimization details, user experience, contact optimization for several years now feel the Shanghai dragon the times are quite difficult, some things didn’t notice do not immediately subjected to right down, but now do optimization really like the author says so hard? It all over the world, some people do optimization well, optimization technology is very good, is entirely in accordance with the rules of Shanghai love to do but, do we have the effect? This is not necessarily, but some people do not understand what, like the previous Shanghai dragon age only know how crazy to send spam links, Do Links station optimization, he doesn’t know how to do a poor user experience have nothing to say, do not the station advertising, he had no effect? Is love sea as a dumpster? This is not necessarily, but if you are lucky, can have the effect below I tell us about a few cases. The same.

(a case) is the author of DJ dance music website, in several peer DJ dance I know the website how they use their website optimization on tens of thousands of Shanghai dragon IP? In the early years there is a "dj527" DJ dance club, he has a very high ranking in the key words the peer in our website, DJ industry, we all know for sure is to search the "DJ" keywords to flow is the most early time, rely on this keyword traffic there is about 3-4W, now may not be so much, and this is the first key words let him sit tight in 2 years, why is he? By his majesty scary more than 300 Links and up, is not what can be optimized in accordance with the rules of Shanghai early love talk, he should be put on the K far away, why not love Shanghai K him and let him sit for 2 years Long time? That is his luck now to his Links number to keep hundreds of love in Shanghai did not K him, although the ranking is down by the other peer website gun, but now even if he didn’t fall in love with the sea K, meaning he has accumulated a lot of old customers.

(case two.


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