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Quality and quantity of the content of the website is no longer difficult to realize seconds

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improve the quality of site must be original, but is not to say that the web site in the original, the weight will be improved. Even if is the one and only the original, but also about the quality. Related to the quality of the original many factors, the author also wrote an article early some features of high quality content, the key points are as follows: one is the original content of the theme of the site must be consistent, such as the Shanghai network company pilot technology is a professional website building, website content is more than 90 around the construction site or website design; the second is the original content is not necessarily beautiful flowery wording, but must comply with the basic grammar logic, as little as possible appear wrongly written or mispronounced characters. The reason is very simple, just as when we write a composition of the college entrance examination, if an article is full of typos, nor in any case high score.

there are many websites that web site content, but also in regular or irregular update, but the search engine is not included. The reason is because the content on the website, the quality is not high, even if the short included, over time will also be search engine delete snapshot. We know a lot of acquisition station is such that every day through the process of collecting a large number of others content on the website, then replace keywords disturb the order of appropriate pseudo original. Maybe a few years ago is still very effective, but it is definitely out. Any attempt to deceive means to deceive search engine acts would be abandoned as a search engine, so the original content is the only way to improve the quality of website.

implementation of the seconds

if the website posted an article can be included in search engines in a few seconds, that is a wonderful thing. The content of the website is the second, at least that your website is search engine, search engine spiders in frequent on your website. We often say that content is king, actually the exact definition should be included in the search engine after the content can be called the king, because even if the website content more, the search engine is not included is meaningless. So, how to improve the collection rate increased included time, should be engaged in website construction and the network marketing personnel and unremitting efforts. Let the second search engine website, website removed or near the program conforms to the W3C standard, and in accordance with the requirements of search engines, web hosting is stable and fast, the most fundamental or content. Only a sufficient number of quality content, and update the rules will slowly persevere, received the attention of the search engines, and finally realize the second web content.


many people on this view may not agree, but one thing is for sure, only one article update the site search engine might think the site quality is good, but in any case can not achieve the seconds. But the general enterprise web site update a day hundreds of articles is not realistic, because the energy and resources.

, quality is the prerequisite conditions of

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