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Shanghai Longfeng lose your website can go further

when you see this title will certainly want to lose the Shanghai dragon? Why did lose the Shanghai dragon? Web site does not need Shanghai Longfeng? Is now a popular search engine, most of the users are to find the information they want through the input key words in the search engine. So as to get information through the search engine to the site, you need to Shanghai, ah, but I do not agree, I think the website only lost the Shanghai dragon, in order to have a more long-term development and progress.


from all the above, I think the site should get rid of Shanghai Longfeng, or the Shanghai dragon it very second position, and the energy and time.

do not know whether we have been concerned about the A5, has been concerned about the development of Shanghai dragon. I often A5 around, sometimes see some new articles, which expounds some personal views on Shanghai Long Fengxin. Regardless of whether these perceptions are true, perhaps these opinions are just out of the observation through his own website, but it can be inferred from a point, that is by far the search engine in the end is to let a website how to row on the home page, or even the long-term in the home, no one knows. The Shanghai dragon master only know part or say is a most principle. But I think the search principle is both simple and complex. Simple as long as the content of your website is unique, the user is sure and need, then your website will naturally get a better ranking. But complex, and involves in site advantages and external advantages, keywords and so on, among these factors especially the chain factors and it is very difficult to solve, but also uncertainty. So to sum up, I think the Shanghai dragon with the lottery almost, follow the law, but the final prize is not you, even if you won the lottery, on the front page, it is only the occasional phenomenon, the long time ranking will drop, and you will start their own reflection which point no good.

also let the author think the site lost Shanghai Longfeng, that is now the search engine tends to be more humane, is also more choice in the hands of users, your website ranking in the search engines, not do better by you, send the chain can. I mainly do Google English optimization, take Google English, login after the search results in each of the last of a +1 button, the button and the role of the mechanism is equivalent to a vote, the more people +1, said the site more popular, so the website ranking Google is on. Of course I said here just a search engine in humanity, and the rest I’m not a example. And I can see the latest article on the search engine Sogou search engine is the push, the search engine has not been developed, but the search engine once developed, the entire Shanghai dragon industry will undergo changes in turn the world upside down.


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