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Love the support of Shanghai Shanghai dragon commands are explained

four, minus –

intitle command is in Shanghai love the search results page title appear in all the web pages of keywords.

query appear in the URL in the word order, if you enter " in the search bar in Shanghai love; inurl: departed Shanghai dragon " then there contains all the web pages for Shanghai dragon url.

filetype is the search for specific format in Shanghai love search web pages such as DOC XLS PPT RTF file format. If you use filetype:>

is used to command a minus sign, cut space with other command is related to the content does not contain a minus sign behind the command.

three, double quotes " "

nine, filetype

domain is a domain name query command in Shanghai under the reverse link number for Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai under the domain command and not all backlinks have the output value of the order, there may be no output command, but for the love of Shanghai, the output is a domain containing all the web pages command.

two, domain command

eight, allinurl command


five, inurl command


allinurl is a group of words or symbols appear in the search results in the love of Shanghai URL, separate the spaces between words.

double quotes command is a keyword search with accurate command, so if you want to accurately search keywords ranking can be used "win-win command, this is the keyword is the actual ranking, if you have the patience to a page and a page view.

do not familiar with the Shanghai Phoenix command is a very troublesome thing, especially if you want to have sex in Shanghai search engine optimization, must be familiar with the accurate command of love in Shanghai, the departure Shanghai Longfeng related to love Shanghai and command support

allintitle is in Shanghai in returned search result page title appears more keywords commands such as: " allintitle: sem" is in Shanghai dragon departure; the page title appears all the return results for Shanghai dragon sem.

site command is to search for a domain name all pages in love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon for this command is not accurate, slightly related will appear, so this is a universal query command.

six, intitle command

seven, allintitle command

summarized as follows

, a site


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