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Personal summary of the 2012 Shanghai Longfeng orders experience

Hello, I am old boy in Shanghai dragon stone studio, recall their own orders of time more than a year. In 2012 came to a close, too many grass root Shanghai Longfeng share their experiences and feelings of a point, Shanghai dragon industry now has become a hot industry. But the industry does have a lot of irregularities, Shanghai Longfeng personnel as a second line of three, wages are generally not high, so many people began to pick a single career. Of course, there are a lot of good to do, then opened his own studio or network companies, business scope mainly is the enterprise website construction, enterprise stand optimization. To tap the potential customers and we discussed today, it is very important for individual orders or small studio orders, and is not easy, because many famous small customers will not trust you.

how to operate it? Is very simple, you have to have their own network marketing platform, the company has its own website, personal orders or small studio certainly have a website, then you can start to do website optimization, it is worth noting that the choice of words, many people love to choose "local + Shanghai dragon" "local + website optimization" and other such words, in fact, most customers do not know what is the Shanghai dragon, they love "love Shanghai search optimization, website optimization, website promotion and other words, and these words optimization of no small difficulty. If you want to do a good job of local Shanghai dragon service, can help some well-known local sites, there is the information platform class website, such as: Hefei, the 58 city network list etc.. Good advertising information released in the information platform, as well as in some B2C information platform to collect customer QQ number, e-mail and other information, appropriate to do some e-mail marketing.


stone is now the main place to do Shanghai dragon service, but because the relationship is weak, progress is very slow. Shanghai Longfeng service or service station, usually rely on personal connections, or rely on word-of-mouth marketing. After all, the enterprise boss relationship is developed, if a company you do an industry station, then through the recommendation of customer can receive more of the list, if you let this very satisfied and trust. But for individual orders or small studio, our main channel is dependent on the Internet, compared with the traditional Internet connections, more save time and money. Since we are doing optimization and network promotion, we should live or use, make full use of their advantages.

of different types of customers

customers can be divided into two categories: one is familiar with the Shanghai dragon or website optimization, the other is very strange to the Shanghai dragon, which is part of the customer is not easy to become your potential customers, because.


then, demand analysis and cognitive

first, what we take a single channel


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