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How to make your site 2 3 days fast by the love of Shanghai included


1. forum hot topic posts, of course, you can also send some advertising, with links, but during the day, your posts will be recognized as soft advertising stickers, so the link or less, or not, but how to join the chain? One way is to tell you night to modify, in connection with the (then owner rest), the better the more replies, haha.

three: the appropriate use of love Shanghai know:

1. for the related questions to answer, let your answer seems to be valuable, not just to find a problem to link and scribble. For example, I want to do is to do group purchase navigation station delicacy in Shanghai, so I know the search "delicacy group purchase"

3. questions to be answered in the page, no other best export link: so if you add a link, the page is only a link to the spider, want to climb out, only you walk this road. This included faster.

love Shanghai recently updated algorithm, some new delay is web site, many webmaster in confusion, that is 00 Li Yan Hong 00 to become the richest man in cattle, do not charge station, this idea is wrong, the station is growing up from the station. Well, the point, so how to make love Shanghai fast included? There are three lessons to introduce.

2. to love Shanghai post, moderation. If you have a lot of your domain links in a short period of time, it will cause the attention of Shanghai love, then you have to be careful.

experience: the establishment of the Links (early).

in Shanghai love to find related problems are answered, and the attached link. Love Shanghai know of a few points about your attention:

2. note in the "problems" in the answer, but I do not recommend links directly to the content inside, because the content inside the link address, by examination, we can reference inside write "delicacy group purchase site 贵族宝贝tuan024.tk," wrote reference, intuitive but also achieve the effect, so as to leave a link.

4. someone answered, a little text page: for example, there have been thousands of words to answer, you don’t even have to add only a link, this page will increase your link >

experience: the use of popular forum:

if you do is new, so do, find a friend to exchange 3~5 Links, not too much, but you stand and related content, because the spider came in and found and linked into the address is not related, will feel very confused". Don’t care too much about the other side of the PR and related degree, as long as the other side often update, no cheats, good can be included. Don’t and thief program links, noble baby now punish the thief very badly, it included all.


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