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Boss! Do you think so Not recommended to do the site directly to Taobao

There are more than 400 flow

two days before she found Yang Zi consulting Shanghai Longfeng issues, she said the company boss said that sales is not good, it denied her job, so Yang Zi asked her daily natural search traffic (IP) now how many, she said the natural flow now search every day (IP) of the base at around more than 400. (love Shanghai auction not to do)

But as

transformation is not ideal, there will be affected by many objective factors and subjective factors, this Yang Zi thought the boss should be worth pondering, and not blindly to deny all work a Shanghai Longfeng personnel with no optimization promotion as a member of the Shanghai dragon zero based, can an enterprise website to do so has been very good.

time flies, in the May Day holiday has arrived, presumably a lot of people have already embarked on a long journey, and Yang Zi at this time but still bitter knock fingers under the keyboard. Today to share with you to share a "boss! You are advised not to do, go directly to the topic of Taobao", the reason to have such a theme, is the source of a Yang Zi work in the business students.


, will meet the employees should feel lucky not to catch a problem are denied, like this pattern the boss is too narrow, heart is not wide enough to tell the truth, to follow the boss will never grow up, but his business may never is only a few people, even to say clearly that enterprises "" might die.

a company’s official website every day (IP), but the product transformation is not ideal, the truth should not take this "urine pot" buckle in a Shanghai Er dragon’s head, as a Shanghai dragon Er can do a good ranking and have a day free flow into the site is more than 400 qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon.

As for the According to

when Yang Zi heard her say so, give her to do some analysis, according to the daily website with more than 400 of the natural search traffic in, illustrates the keywords you have is to have the user search optimization, (Note: Web site keywords must be correlated with the theme of the website).

as a first zero based Shanghai dragon Er can make that results in less than three months, Yang Zi think it is very good, of course, she also paid a lot of time and energy, according to Yang Zi learned every day after work to go home late, you also write original articles and learning website optimization, like this the execution is not everyone can do.


is the student of Shanghai Longfeng zero base, this year has just entered the company, is responsible for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization and promotion work for her, but also stepped in, drive a duck onto a perch. It is through in this case in Yang Zi’s Shanghai Longfeng one-on-one advisory guidance services, less than three months many regional keywords are ranking home page.

The boss of


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