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According to the difference between basic parameters of the web about noble baby and love Shanghai o

included: see general nobility baby on the website of the collection is far greater than the love of Shanghai included the site from the collection, the reason is love Shanghai relatively more stringent requirements on the website of the content, original content, code optimization, and the content for noble baby is not so strict, basically is to see the page to be included, in addition, the depth of the noble baby spiders to crawl more often than love Shanghai spiders to some deep, for those sites high weight is not more than three pages of love Shanghai is hard to grab, but the baby can swim and nobility, blade superabundant, grasp the very deep and thorough, of course, this is not said when we can relax the Longfeng site in Shanghai on the content and requirements of the structure, content and structure of good will improve your weight.

weight: love Shanghai to give a domain of the home page (including sub domain) weight is very high, so don’t waste home Title Optimization, given a domain name that is given a high weight of home page or column page weight is very low, and your family baby, equal weight almost given to columns and sub domain noble baby, this from a lot of keywords or long tail word ranking is not difficult to find, in the column page ranking keywords >

pr:pr is part of a noble baby ranking algorithm, and love is not about Shanghai, PR has inherited the role of a certain period of time, I apply for a domain name: 021office CN, after application to upload files directly after pr=2, later informed, the domain name is used in a year ago, that time is pr greater than or equal to 2, and again I use only PR inheritance, now more and more attention, including the nobility baby do not update the weight, PR regularly, and the updated PR is outrageous, a few websites are usually even maintenance once PR to 4, I want to tell website optimization all is pr only the value of the site is very small on the one hand reflects it, does not have to pay attention, exchange links or PR can have high profile PR, 0 do not have low self-esteem, IP and PV is more important Something.

link: love Shanghai’s links with the general domain to check, and use link to check the noble baby, we will find that the number of love Shanghai links the results of the query query result is far greater than the number of noble baby, but I think that the so-called love Shanghai query against the link is inaccurate, because search results it is with the domain name of the page, and the noble baby is not accurate query, query results link anti nobility baby is generally small number, that is because of the many links nobility baby is not shown, showing only a few of them, people think: check the links with Yahoo more accurate recommendations.

many love Shanghai and asked me: what is the difference between the noble baby, I think this is a problem of a er Shanghai dragon will be asked, according to the basic parameters of a simple web site about the two search engines:

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