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Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo sharing experience Top Secret Methods detonated site traffic

How can we do the optimization of

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we now analyze a job may need what

such as Shanghai Longfeng Analyst Recruitment Information to a class, to resume to Shanghai Longfeng class building classification of different information, make the website more ordered

: a recommendation for boys in Shanghai Longfeng interview resume, the Shanghai dragon can be differentiated.

in Shanghai, Shanghai DragonThe

enough and demand jobs, it is very clear that just, explicit demand.


and the Shanghai dragon differential expression function of

We need to

and hit the user needs

!< >

the needs of Shanghai Longfeng optimization division a salary of around 8000 yuan, including wages and engineers Shanghai Longfeng can be differentiated, once the difference, will show different implicit demand.

is the constant implicit demand mining user generated content, and to classify the content of information classification.



and local matching function expression in

I through four examples to express job seekers have appeared in different states, the implicit demand point.


for Shanghai Longfeng jobs probably to search by keywords what

and the Shanghai dragon interview resume related tools demand

The difference between ? ?

generally show demand relatively strong competitiveness, and weak competitiveness of implicit demand, on demand will be more detailed, sometimes watch user’s mind world

For example, a

stealth requirements: is that the user does not determine what want to do! But there is a general awareness of needs of mind! One is looking for a Shanghai Longfeng work, in addition to what may also need

: I want to find a job as an analyst at

also may be required: interview guide, resume, company treatment, company size, company property, company, position, work time, comprehensive evaluation, interview process, to interview the company route and so on all of these is to find a job outside of implicit demand, namely the impending demand.

and each needs can be in fine to remove.

: explicit demand is the user clear what you want to do! If you want to find a Shanghai dragon by Zhaopin recruitment.


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