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The enterprise homepage link allocation techniques

This paper is based on the

spider climb take the function of the website we can analyze the weight of search engine website navigation is very high by many Webmaster Tools simulation, so we should make full use of the navigation link position, let us home page navigation links resource optimal configuration, a according to the degree of importance in the page layout keywords in the navigation links on the stand for the enterprise to keep several introduction link position for placing the company, enterprises must contact us section, but in order to avoid wasting resources effectively we can put these columns to the bottom of the right vertical or horizontal navigation navigation.

page navigation connection point set distribution

link resource allocation, many enterprises stand the bottom connection point of distribution has many problems: a large number of back links, chain layout to row large site polish, outbound links too much and so on, aiming at the bottom connection point of the author suggests the wrong operation are removed, the appropriate arrangement of the bottom navigation, effective the use of resources so as to realize the bottom connection point, here I want to emphasize at the bottom of the lower right corner of the layout must be our Sitelinks, this adaptation search engine crawling principle, and at the beginning of Links must be disposed to enterprises at the bottom of the station.

at the bottom of the page to link the effective use of

website as center of the site the weights of the resulting link position is the home like bustling city parking spaces, each page is always in short supply, or as in the past the hit head broken and bleeding desire to get a parking space in the home, especially the enterprise website optimization keywords station: many directly exacerbate the competition situation however, each page in the fate of manipulation to the hand of the webmaster, we need to do is to bring in according to the size of the benefit to the corresponding page keywords anchor text layout to the home position, in order to achieve the home link configuration, the author here is simple to elaborate enterprise homepage link allocation techniques:

According to the

enterprise homepage link.

distribution of a high quality link


enterprise website text links, is to go out outside the head and tail of the website home page and navigation links, in accordance with the same page keywords is expected to benefit and optimization difficulty of comprehensive consideration of the corresponding link point corresponding to the home page of text keywords layout.


many webmaster to F as a symbol of the weight level, of course, this is right, but not the naked eye as that horizontal navigation and left navigation the highest weight, actually the highest weight link is the first search engine to take up, and this is the connection point we must allocate. It is the site of the logo, to the connection point of a lot of people forget to add annotation attributes, plus anchor text links only after it is complete, we will achieve optimal allocation.

home page text link resource allocation


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