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The application of Transformers Shanghai dragon Edition

title tags like Optimus Prime, it can be a good anchor site optimization. The title tag will appear at the top of the browser to browse the web or visit a website. In all of the HTML elements, the title tag search engine algorithm in the component. The appropriate optimization title should contain the keywords related to the web, and should not exceed 70 characters long. This should be a well written form a targeted keyword, should not be just a list of keywords.


element description is like iron, can give a tactical advantage website, if used properly. When the optimization, this tag can increase the search results in the click of a website listing rate. Meta description tag is not displayed in the web page. This part is placed in the HTML terminal, usually just below the title tag. Effect of element description not on the search engine ranking. However, if they contain the same search query conditions, so they are usually in the description of the search results display.

Hornet, its role as the autobots. Like a hornet, internal link has a key role in Shanghai dragon in the campaign, and can affect the site ranking, if optimization. Links to optimize the structure of a website, the website should have navigation using HTML text links. You can format the link appears to use cascading style sheet button. They should use keyword anchor text, and shall be in accordance with the page links to the website keyword. Create links to JavaScript, Flash or image flip does not optimize the anchor text, or can be spider, should be avoided.

The important role of the

when it comes to search engine optimization, one can do a few things change a battle. This is my name is Transformers Shanghai dragon. Not from the car into a robot, these elements, when properly optimized, will be transformed into a great a good Shanghai dragon big mac. When use is not correct, or not at all, the ranking seems impossible. With the help of a foreigner if today we get a Transformers active electric district Shanghai dragon competition atmosphere

description tags (iron):

title tags (Qing Tianzhu):


internal links (Hornets):

a good meta description should contain a targeted search conditions, and a description of the web page. It should be about 160 characters, and contains a call to action, will attract searchers to visit the site. Meta description should not be a comma delimited keywords long string. This is called the Meta keyword tag, and not the element description.

a good Shanghai dragon campaign should not ignore these elements of any website optimization. Including the first page of their differences can often be in on page second or ranking. Now a lot of tin Kong was retired, in this big.


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