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Constant will Shanghai dragon in the end

The importance of

Links for a week stable Links 3-5, can be added, Links role is not to be ignored, after all, is the home page of the recommended effect can not be ignored, when Links increased slowly in the process of the accumulation of the likely site the weight will be more and more high, this is a must; after all, only the cumulative, only accumulation can make a web site into a new direction. In these, there is a very good outside chain, that is soft, soft article. For every Monday there is, has been very good, after all of these, sometimes is soft, soft core is extended and the URL of the publicity, soft writing, a Monday paper writing on the site, is also very helpful.

, you can get the chain address large, a large number of blog address, and his writing soft skills, which will become the product of you is your future if take charge as chief of the material resources, the essential to their own web site and to understand the Shanghai dragon will be more profound.

In the The content of

constant resources construction, content construction, on the construction of website, update the content of information every day, a weekly summary of the report, the contents of the source, remember to do blog every day an article to write more, and this new is how to maximize the spider to provide the content and the correlation, a lot of content for the home can provide >

constant resource chain accumulation, the chain here, there are several points to note, I believe there are ways to make the chain, blogs and forums, and then continue to add, add, add; however, you have to pay attention to it, the chain can not be too much from the same address; however, this chain can be recycled, a weekly circulation of a set of data, a monthly rotation of a data set, this is the practice of the chain, and if too many appear outside the chain of the same address, it is likely to make love in Shanghai that you are cheating, and this is a cheat for cheating, have effect, can not be ignored, the accumulation of the chain, one is the number of accumulation, on the other hand is the quality of the cumulative number of cumulative; is to insist, while the quality of the accumulation of one hand is popular, one is. Kim, after all website grow the fastest way to buy links can not be ignored, remember one of your company before the rapid growth of the way is to link the power, after all is the industry station, have the contents of completely affordable sources and projects of these links;

constant under the constant drip of water can penetrate stone; as long as perseverance, continuous efforts, things must be successful; and Shanghai dragon is to exercise this constant in the constant process of this process is also a kind of resource accumulation, the importance of resources in Shanghai Longfeng. I believe we all know about. Constant resource process is slowly accumulated in the process of our every day, this is the secret of constant.


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