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$300M worth of development projects for Region 2

first_imgSavings of almost $300 million by the Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) administration have been reinvested into realising a number of transformational projects across the Region, to the benefit of residents.According to Regional Executive Officer (REO) Rupert Hopkinson, the savings were made possible through prudent resource management and vigilance by the Regional Administration in 2017.Works continue on the Anna Regina Health CentreThe projects realised from the ground-breaking achievement are a new boat landing for students and teachers at the Liberty Nursery and Primary School, a bus shed at Dartmouth, a fence at Unity Park, a seating area at Cotton Field and renovation and extension of the Anna Regina Health Centre.Currently, there are 46 pupils attending the Liberty Primary School, some 18 miles down the Pomeroon River. Headteacher Pansy Garraway-Allen said the new school’s landing was extremely necessary.“Previously, the situation was very bad. It was almost a threat to any person who would have used the landing. The lower part of the stelling, some parts were rotted, a few threaders from the step were missing because the foundation was no more. … At times we had to choose spots to step on to avoid going underground in any serious state. It was also not good enough for the students. Many times, we had to tutor the children, guiding them where to walk and avoid any sort of running on it,” Garraway-Allen explained.The newly-extended landing is a boon for the female staff, the Headteacher continued, since “before during the spring tide in the mornings, the tide would be rather low causing some trouble to us. The flats were very far out and the boats in which we travel to school are large and when we get to school, we would normally have to stick our skirts in the tights and pull boat ropes to get up to the stelling which was very strenuous to us as females.” According to Garraway-Allen, the students were also forced to step from one boat to another to reach the landing.The REO said the decision to do the work was influenced mainly by the pleas of the Headteacher and the threat the dilapidated facility posed to students and teachers alike.“Because of the danger and imminent threat to life and limb, we decided that we must have this thing done. The beautiful thing is that we had savings.I am elated to know that we were able to rescue the situation at Liberty. It is a good job done not only for Liberty but for the Region as well,” Hopkinson explained.last_img read more

When its time to dump Pax

first_img5 indications that this customer ain’t worth the effortIn the ultracompetitive, low margin business of being a wholesaler, customers are hard to get and  abundance of choice means agents can be hard to keep.Last week we had a case of no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, and no matter how above expectation the outcome, the customer was going to complain. When it happens, the patterns are often consistent.Here are my five points on recognising a customer that is not worth keepingThe patterns are all wrongWhen certain events happen, you generally know the process they will go through. You know the way your business runs better than anyone. You know the strengths, weaknesses and personalities of your staff.We have refined our customer service processes over the past decade to have an excellent strike rate. When all of a sudden you get a “outlier” reaction to a typically tried and tested method of resolving an issue, take notice. Quickly.Communication loses etiquetteGone is the understanding that the email came from another human. Gone is “Dear xxx” or “from xxx” but instead have 15 line paragraphs. In some cases appealing to someone’s humanity can take out the tension and lead to resolution. It is tricky from here though.The abuse gets personalSomeone in our supply chain was clearly having a bad day. We kept pushing all the angles. The effort to resolve the request, which was beyond our control (possibly a naïve expectation as well) meant from a profit perspective, we’d lost on this booking.But when you are in the business of customer service, it’s a long road, and you do not give up.When we explained that the resolution wasn’t forthcoming and we were still working on it, the efforts were labelled as “pathetic”.It’s pretty hard to turn around a win when someone throws this language around. Also hard to keep your staff wanting to help. Bless them, they did.They don’t want to knowWhen your staff get distressed you do need to step in and give them the support, whilst maintaining an aspect of “the customer could be right”. It’s gone both ways in the past. We all have bad days.Upon being called, the customer to spent five minutes telling us he didn’t have time for us and his x many years in the industry blah blah…The  irony being we had a great message ; persistence had paid off and the resolution was above expectation.There is only a single perspectiveResolution means finding common ground and working to the best alternatives. In the case of a customer yelling at you on the phone, it’s best to put it in writing. If the response is still negative, without acknowledging the efforts or the outcome, they aren’t the customer worth having.As a footnote….The situations are distressing in a number of ways. On the individuals who take the phone calls to a business metrics sense that it just chews a stack of time to try and keep someone happy who wants to be miserable. Even cutting a customer loose causes angst to because we don’t want to miss out.It’s only a few minutes after you move past that that you truly appreciate that this one was worth letting go.roomsXML – More Suppliers, Hot Deals www.roomsxml.com learn more about roomsXML.com here Source = roomsXML.comlast_img read more