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Time to Close Canadian Edition

first_imgIn October, Time Inc. announced a major restructuring it said could result in roughly 600 layoffs. The U.S. edition of Time saw ad pages fall 19.2 percent through the first nine months, according to Publishers Information Bureau figures. In a continued effort to cut costs following its major restructuring announcement in October, Time Inc. has decided to close the Canadian edition of Time magazine. The December 29 issue will be its last.As a result, Time Inc. will close its Toronto sales office.  Seven people were laid off.In an e-mail to FOLIO:, a Time Inc. spokesperson attributed the closing to “the challenging economic climate.” “Moving forward, readers and advertisers in Canada will be served by Time’s U.S. edition,” the spokesperson wrote.last_img read more

LG Likely to Delay Tablet Launch

first_imgSouth Korea-based electronics manufacturer LG is said to be delaying the release of its anticipated tablet computer device until next year in an effort instead to ramp up its mobile phone offerings.Citing an anonymous LG official, a Bloomberg report says that while the yet-unnamed device’s hardware is set, LG is still finalizing the software. LG apparently aims to sell 10 million of its Optimus One smartphones (which it sees as a rival to Apple’s iPhone) before it will enter the tablet device market.According to the report, LG is likely to introduce the tablet device—which is expected to run Google’s Android operating system—at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.An LG spokesperson did not immediately return a FOLIO: e-mail seeking comment.last_img read more

Facebooks Crisis PR Firm Pushed Soros Conspiracy to Discredit Critics Report

first_imgOne of the outlets approached with this angle was the far-right online magazine The Daily Caller, according to Daily Caller writer Joe Gabriel Simonson. “Can def confirm being contacted,” Simonson wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “The PR guy did keep bringing up Soros. It was odd and we didn’t end up going with that angle.” ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Definers also operated its own online magazine, dubbed NTK Network, which was used to attack some of Facebook’s competitors, and play down the link between Russia and the social network, according to the New York Times.The Times’ story is reportedly based on interviews with dozens of sources, and laid out in detail how the company stalled in its response to the crisis, at times toning down blog posts and omitting mentions of Russia altogether. The company also reportedly threw its support behind a bill meant to fight sex trafficking that had been criticized by many other tech companies as overly broad to score points with conservative politicians.However, the smear tactics reportedly used by Definers on behalf of Facebook stand out, especially since they seemed to be designed to spread the very kind of misinformation and conspiracy theories that Facebook publicly vowed to fight.Facebook didn’t immediately respond to questions on whether it would continue to work with Definers Wednesday afternoon. Definers didn’t respond to a request for comment. A consulting firm hired by Facebook to deal with the fallout over Russian propaganda on its platform resorted to linking critics of the social media giant to George Soros, the New York Times reported Wednesday as part of a massive expose on Facebook’s crisis response.The consulting firm in question, D.C.-based Definers, specializes in crisis response and opposition research. It was hired in October of 2017 by Facebook to deal with a growing backlash against the company’s slow response to Russia’s election interference as well as the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.One of the groups rising to prominence during that time was “Freedom From Facebook,” a coalition of progressive groups including MoveOn and Demand Progress that has been pushing for the government to break up the social media giant. This summer, Definers reportedly circulated a paper linking the group to George Soros, a frequent bogeyman of the far right, who has been the target of numerous anti-semitic conspiracy theories. Popular on Variety last_img read more

HandsOn Cuphead is Retro Cartoons Meets Retro Games

first_img SCUF Prestige Falls Short of Being a Must-Have Premium ControllerOrigin PC Ends Console Wars With PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Combo Case Stay on target Cuphead, if you couldn’t already tell, is an absolutely gorgeous video game. When we all saw the first few snippets of its stunning recreation of classic cartoon art styles during Microsoft’s 2014 E3 press conference, it immediately became one of the gaming community’s most anticipated indie titles.After three long years of waiting, Cuphead is now only days away. I got to play what had to be a near-final version of the Xbox One/PC platformer at a recent Microsoft event and learned some more about the artistry behind it.The goal was always for Cuphead to be a full-fledged adventure, according to artist and producer Maja Moldenhauer. But at first the team at Studio MDHR didn’t believe they could pull off that kind of scope with its initial resources. It’s like making a stop-motion short vs something like Kubo and the The Two Strings. The amount of meticulous extra work required would be exponentially increased.That’s why originally Cuphead was just going to be a collection of boss battles, stunning boss battles, but just boss battles all the same. After launch, the team would then expand the game with more traditional levels you’d expect from the classic shooters Cuphead pays homage to like Contra and Gunstar Heroes. However, the game earned so much goodwill after its debut, as well as extra support from Microsoft, that the version launching later this September is much more complete out of the gate.If the art is anything to go by, those extra months of work certainly haven’t been wasted. Moldenhaur explained how the number of hand-drawn and animated 2D frame went from 15,000 to 120,000. Furthermore, the game is nothing but original backgrounds, some made using rotoscoped real objects. And while the colors are digital, that decision was made after tests showed the end visual result would be no different from something analog.Even if you don’t have an animation background, anyone who looks at Cuphead can’t help but notice how much craft has been put into its aesthetic. Colorful characters chock full of personality constantly pour onto the screen to squash and stretch and shake their noodle limbs. Expressive faces shift from devious to shocked to ecstatic. Film grain and energetic jazz music transports you to the slightly naughty, feverish pre-Disney cartoon time period (hopefully without the racism).I don’t think my writing is good enough to convey the visual splendor. Seeing the pretty stills is one thing but seeing the game in motion is transformative. Cuphead is so hypnotic to look at it’s almost distracting.Distraction is fatal though since Cuphead is also brutally difficult. While its art style takes inspiration from old cartoons of the 30s, its gameplay is ripped straight out of old games of the 1980s. Along with the dancing drawings the screen is a nonstop Hell of bullets, either the ones coming from numerous enemies or the ones your twitching fingers are shooting right back at them. It’s relentless.In these early stages, I could aim in any direction and fire either a stream of standard long-range shots or closer-ranged spread shots. I could shoot powerful charge shots or land enough hits to pull off an ultimate attack like turning into an adorable atom bomb. Other moves include an air dash out of a jump, a parry against certain projectiles, and situational moves like changing the size of your biplane in a flying sky battle against an evil cloud.Cuphead plays well and looks unbelievable. All the pieces are there for a fantastic time. But for as bad as it feels to notice flaws in something with this much love and care clearly behind it, it doesn’t mean those flaws aren’t there. Cuphead wisely adopts some modern conveniences like infinite lives and saving, but I encountered some enemy groupings that were about as cheap as an arcade game trying to steal your quarters. Maybe playing with a friend would’ve softened things up.Worse, the one boss battle I completed against a psychic carrot(!) went on so long and was so repetitive it was more of an endurance or patience test than a challenge of skill. I just ran in the same pattern to dodge his same attacks, land some hits, and hope the escalating music was cluing me in that the dragging fight was almost done since there was no health bar. It felt more tedious than triumphant by the time I was finished.But it was hard to stay mad at any particular aspect of Cuphead because whenever you’re playing Cuphead you’ve also given yourself a chance to just look at Cuphead. I died numerous times just because I couldn’t take my eyes off a particular animation or character design. Even if you have no interest in the unforgiving run and gun gameplay, just watching a stream of this game may be the most transfixing entertainment you’ll find this year. Pull back the curtain on Cuphead September 29 on Xbox One and PC.View as: One Page Slides1/51. Cuphead is an absolutely gorgeous 2D shooter-platformer for PC and Xbox One.2. Formerly just a series of boss battles, the game is now a full-fledged adventure.3. Over 120,000 hand-drawn animated frames recreate the look of classic cartoons.4. The game’s brutal shooter gameplay pays homage to classics like Contra and Gunstar Heroes.5. Cuphead looks so good it’s almost distracting.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

ZSI to prepare proposal for monitoring conservation of coral reefs

first_imgKolkata: The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) is preparing a proposal for an All India Coordinated Project for monitoring and conservation of coral reefs in the eco-system.The ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEF) will prepare an action plan on the basis of the proposal which will be adopted across six centres in the country for conservation of coral reefs that are currently facing severe threat of depletion. “We are already working toward preparing the proposal and hope to submit it to the MoEF ministry within this budget year so that work for monitoring and conservation of coral reefs can start from March-April,” said Dr Kailash Chandra, director of ZSI. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe six centres where the action plan will be taken up include Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Gulf of Kutch, Gulf of Mannar, Sindhudurg near Malvan, Maharashtra and Netrani Islands in Karnataka. There will be two separate proposal on the part of ZSI — one exclusively on coral and another on coral reefs and its allied creatures. Recently, a three-day International Conference on Status and Protection of Coral Reefs titled Stapcor 2018 was held at Lakshadweep organised by ZSI in co-ordination with the local administration. Noted scientists from member countries interacted and shared their scientific knowledge for the conservation of coral reefs. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed It may be mentioned that the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) has declared the year 2018 as the International Year of the Reef (IYOR 2018). IYOR 2018 is aimed at raising awareness about the threats to coral reefs and associated ecosystem. According to scientists at ZSI, coral reefs are treasure troves of the world seas. No other ecosystem on Earth is as valued for their aesthetics and biodiversity as coral reefs, which are currently facing severe threat of depletion of great consequences for their immensely rich biodiversity. The current status of coral reefs indicates that it has lost more than half of its cover over the last two decades due to direct or indirect anthropogenic pressures associated with the climate change — mediated bleaching that is reaching alarming dimensions to become “one of the great tragedies of the modern world.” “Protection of coral reefs in our marine environment is possible only through a “collective will” to curtailing the rate of progression of global warming. It also requires field-level implementations of science-based policies with a view to conserving the biodiversity and ecosystem benefits,” a senior ZSI scientist said.last_img read more