Caminero’s dribble that came to the cinema with Almodóvar and Bardem

first_imgBardem, off the screens, yes it is a renowned mattress and on that occasion he gave himself the pleasure of celebrating an Atlético goal through one of his roles. And not just any goal, but one that was worth almost half a league after a dribble for history at the Camp Nou and today is an anniversary … “How it breaks his waist!”, “The Caminero is the hos … Ole your eggs!” It is one of the most representative images of Atlético’s Double And this Monday he turns 24 years old. That dribble that Caminero made to Nadal at the Camp Nou, prior to assisting Roberto to mark the 0-1 that was leading the triumph and, consequently, the league title for those of Radomir Antic. Then Jordi Cruyff would score for Barça and Biscayne and Biagini for Atleti and the rojiblancos, who came with a three point advantage, came out with six. Of the action, 24 years later, almost everything is said. The midfielder received from Toni on the side, he waited for Nadal’s arrival, he held him on his back, He threatened to go to the left of the center, but turned again to go to the right and leave his marker broken. Then he dodged Prados García (or rather it was the referee who dodged him) and focused low on the far post, where Roberto Fresnedoso went ahead of Roger to finish on goal. The action was decisive in the match and even today it is still well remembered. The fact that it was not just any move is that ended up coming to theaters with Pedro Almodóvar. The Manchego director decided to accompany one of his scenes with Atlético’s famous goal. In the sequence, the characters of Javier Bardem (David) and Liberto Rabal (Víctor) discuss with the TV in the background, until Roberto dials. “Damn, how it breaks his waist”, David yells; “The Caminero is the hos … Ole your eggs!”, adds Victor.last_img read more

Espanyol’s net profit soared 116% in 2019

first_imgIn times of crisis, the health that is lived and the economic that is developing, has presented Rastar Group, the conglomerate that holds 99.55% of the share capital of Espanyol, your 2019 annual financial report. The accounts managed by AS show the muscle that the parakeet club had as of last December 31, until it became the jewel in the company’s crown in terms of results.In 154.9 million euros the 2019 business income of Rastar Sports HK Company Limited, the commercial name of Espanyol as a division of the company, which implies a significant increase of 40.59% compared to 2018. This great leap undoubtedly responds to two games that went off: television revenues grow by 41.5%, to 78.6 millionwhile the footballers sales reach 50.7 million, 52.9% more than the previous year. However, the great news is about the net profit obtained by Espanyol, from 28.6 million euros, a meteoric 116.14% higher to 2018. Espanyol net profit28.6116.14% Net profit Rastar338.41% CONCEPT 2019DIFFERENCE FROM 2018 Rastar Entertainment Income331.6-9% Rastar’s income falls but has benefitsRegarding the results of Rastar Interactive Entertainment Company, the full name of the conglomerate led by the president of Espanyol, Chen Yansheng, and of which the parrot club is part, in 2019 it brought together revenues of 331.6 million euros, which means a decrease of 9% compared to a year ago. However, the conclusions of the report present the company as healthy and projected into the future.The data of the financial report 2019 TV right income78.641.50% The report attributes this brutal increase mainly to two factors. On the one hand, the arrival of Wu Lei, which contributed three sponsors of depth and interest in the club from China and other parts of the planet. On the other, and no less important, access after 12 years of absence in continental competitions, in this case the Europa League, where Espanyol climbed from the preliminary phase to the round of 32, after a first place in the league that obviously also procures its financial returns. With all that, it is understood that the club could invest 40 million in reinforcements during the last winter market.It should be noted that does not about of the results of the exercise that are usually submitted to judgment in the Boards of Shareholders of Espanyol, and that it always runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. And also that figures of the original report appear in yuan (or renminbis), the currency with which Rastar is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, so the change to euros in force at the closing of the report, that is, as of December 31, 2019, has been applied here.The cover of Rastar’s 2019 annual report. Player sales revenue50.752.95% Business income Espanyol154.940.55% * Amounts expressed in millions of eurosIn fact, the net profit does increase by 8.41%, to 33 million, on paper supported by an Espanyol yes well comprises 46% of income from Rastar him contributes 86% of the total of that profit. At least until last December 31, which in the worst case scenario means a good mattress for the future. 2020 is, for now, a year of absolute uncertainty, not only for the world situation but for the uncertain future of the team, in First or Second.last_img read more