The 20s of Espanyol: from ruin to tuteo with Barcelona

first_imgIn 1922, and after the departures of Ricardo Zamora and Clemente Gracia to Barcelona and José Luis Zabala to Oviedo, in addition to casualties of players who had been recruited to battle in the War of Morocco, it was the blue and white club evicted from its field on Muntaner Street. And Genaro de la Riva had to listen in a barbershop how a client proclaimed: “I think Espanyol has definitely died.” Who said it turned out to be Hans Gamper, founder of Barcelona, ​​to which the parakeet president replied: “As long as I live, Espanyol will live”.Wow it happened. Zamora returned to Espanyol and some land in Can Ràbia was bought for 170,000 pesetas (about 1,000 euros) to build the stadium of Sarrià, inaugurated in 1923, although not without mishaps: the construction company went bankrupt, the stand was not done and had the team to make endless tours (among them, a very popular one for America in 1926) to finance the works. A discreet third place in the Catalonian Championship, the biggest competition that was played then, kicked off in 1920 to a Espanyol in which Genaro de la Riva would take over the presidency, and that two years later he would see how in that same tournament he would finish last (he lost his games against Barcelona 0-9 and 10-0), having to play against Spain a promotion not to go down to a sort of Catalan second division. He avoided the decline, but not the economic ruin. The history of Espanyol is full of crossroads. Of falls to stand up. To convert crisis in opportunities. In that situation the club starts this 2020, considered by some as the beginning of a decade, and by all as the first of the 20s. A time that the last century has already begun in a delicate situation, as much or more than the current, and who knew how to get around the parakeet to the point that this decade would end at the top of the Catalan and Spanish teams.center_img This would end up coming to 1929, when the Espanyol conquered the Catalan Championship without suffering a single defeat (0-2 and 2-1 against Barça). The same would happen in the Spanish Cup, where he appealed to Arenas de Getxo, Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona before beating Madrid (2-1) in the famous Water Final, played at Mestalla. Ecstasy arrived. And, seven days later, the first goal in LaLiga (work by Pitus Prat), which the Catalans would conquer, who would not repeat that until 1945.last_img read more

Suarez will be four months off and Barça plans to sign

first_imgChaos increases in Barcelona. Luis Suarez would miss almost the rest of the season after undergoing a meniscus operation this morning by Dr. Ramon Cugat. According to Barcelona, ​​the Uruguayan striker would be close to four months off.The Uruguayan striker dragged discomfort in the knee for years and after falling to Atlético de Madrid raised the possibility of surgery, but he never imagined that the recovery period would be so long. There was talk before entering the operating room of a convalescence period of four to six weeks that would allow him to play the decisive part of the course with the aim of reappearing before Naples in the Champions League on February 25. 9 Before this varapalo, Barcelona seriously considers the option of going to the winter market to sign a striker. Another issue to discuss at the meeting of the sports area convened urgently to also assess the relief or not of Valverde after Xavi Hernández’s refusal to assume the team right now.center_img LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 12, 2020last_img read more

Official: Net, sprained left ankle

first_imgBarça confirmed Thursday that Neto has a sprained left ankle although he did not report on the low time that the Brazilian will be. However, the substitute for Ter Stegan could stand up to three weeks, which would prevent him from playing round of 16 and quarterfinals in case Barça advanced. Net was injured by falling badly in a jump, but decided to continue with courage (he was cheered by the stands of Can Misses). At the end of the game he noticed that he was injured and the tests confirmed that sprain that will leave him without the option of playing in the only competition that was reserved for him. Eye to the goal in Barça because Ter Stegen comes from dragging a tendinopathy in the right knee that had him out of combat for a month and now he will have to face weeks with intersemanac matches. Doctors should pamper the German to prevent Setien from having a problem under sticks.last_img read more

Getafe itself is from the Champions League: it is third after storming San Mamés

first_imgGetafe is from the Champions League. It is third in LaLiga! Let all who aspire to that club of authentic privileged know. Like Athletic, which received a master class to impose, to make it be played only to what one knows. These people do things very well; It will be unsightly, but its effectiveness deserves to take you to that kingdom of the best in Europe. San Mamés lost his spell in the face of such forcefulness. Second defeat this season and in the Garitano era. For 16 months no one scored two goals for the rojiblanco team in their fief. He has seven games without winning, with five draws and two losses; it doesn’t take three points from Granada on December 1, more than two months have passed. Knead five of 21 and that leads him to wander through no man’s land. He tried but it was very incisive. The first half hour was a continuous guerrilla. The colleague got out of hand, thought that a clean card was not going to cut so many abruptness and heated debates, and there was no way to put anybody on the waist. The piques began in pairs: Yuri with Mata, Raúl García with Etxeita … the other football. That rough sea in which the Bordalás team sails so well. Inside the trenches, the Getafe was well planted, perceiving that the rhythm was his, that by pure law of inertia and before the dynamiters that he has above, something would fall from his side. It was Damián in the 35th minute, with a portentous game supported by two walls (plus another one to start the action), culminated with a dribble to Unai López and Yeray to score the goal of the day. His second goal with Getafe in 169 games (the first, also excellent, was against Espanyol in April 2018 with a great distant shot) was an ode to a wizard’s culebreo. The first part was summed up in a 28 percent possession of visitors and only 64 successful passes, compared to 250 of the rojiblancos. A profitability that summarizes the success of this group that has forged Bordalás.A silly Lekue hand at the start of the second half allowed Mata, the best in the afternoon, to increase the distance from the penalty spot. The Getafe had it at the ideal cooking point. Two goals, not thirty seconds in a row playing, with some lions of nerves and a sensation in the stands of absolute impotence. Athletic was suffocated, perhaps by the Cup, and not imposed on individual duels. The movie was monotonous and Garitano seemed blocked. Something had to be changed and this time it was not a conservative path. Late, but unleashed a revolution, with three novelties. Capa, Ibai and Aduriz left. And as soon as it was put into action, Ibai put it on a foul to Aduriz, who finished off with tenderness at the hands of Soria. Villalibre had been one of the best so far, associating well and with a good chance, but the gallons of Aritz are a jewel. He had three approaches, although shy. Goals0-1, 35 ‘: Damián Suarez, 0-2, 49 ‘: Bush “There is a lot of championship left and in front we have great potential teams. Those 39 points is to be proud of a team that works with honesty and humility. We are missing some things, but we compensate with delivery and work. You can’t ask for more, “said the coach of the Azulón team.On the meeting of ‘La Catedral’ Bordalás stressed that Getafe made a “very serious” and “supercomplete” match in which he managed to “neutralize many of the virtues” of Athletic, especially “covering the bands very well” and “going against it.”“We scored two goals and created another three clear chances. They have barely generated goal situations. The clearest has been the shot of Ibai to the crossbar, already at the end. We are very happy because the level of demand here is very high and win it’s very complicated, “he explained.“Getafe competes at a great level. There are people who insist on taking credit from a modest team like ours and with one of the lowest budgets of the most important league in the world. We must praise the merit of this team, “added the Alicante coach. Garitano: “I’m worried”The Athletic Club coach, Gaizka Garitano, He admitted feeling “worried” about the seven-day run without winning chained in the last two months by the rojiblanco team with five draws and two losses, the last one today against Getafe in San Mamés.“Of course I’m worried, how can I not be?”, the Vizcaino coach admitted after recognizing that Getafe was “better” and deserved to take the victory in a match where they were “very uncomfortable.”“The importance I give to LaLiga is maximum, much more than the Cup. It was a more important match than Thursday, sure, “Garitano said in relation to the quarterfinal match they will play against Barça next Thursday in San Mamés.“The 0-1 has scored a lot. With the face game it is a better team because afterwards it is almost impossible to play, they do very well. We lacked freshness. It has been a very physical duel and we have ended up tired. They have been better, they have won and we recover and think about the next one, “Garitano added.The Biscayan also recognized that in some phases of the game the behavior of the Getafe players could “unsettle” their players. “They do that with all the teams, it is not a novelty. They manage the advantage phenomenally and do not let them play the opposite. It is their merit and that is why they are in Champions positions,” he praised.Garitano is sure that this defeat will not influence Athletic in the face of that Cup match against Barça. “We have to get up fast, we can not afford that luxury of being low mood. With a low mood we are a team that has a hard time winning, so it has to be very high”he concluded. The azulones with three movements left the Bilbao defense in leather. Molina had it, while Raúl García did a more organizing work. Williams scored offside, reviewed by the VAR, in minute 79. Then he could put the lace Nyom, but Yeray saved her. Ibai threw a blow to the crossbar, and the boat went outside with respect to the finish line To make matters worse for Athletic, Iñigo Martínez was late for an action of Arambarri, saw yellow and that stimulating derby of the Reale Arena will be lost next working day.Bordalás: “There are people who insist on taking away merits”The coach of Getafe CF, Jose BordalásHe confessed to feeling “very happy” for the victory achieved in San Mamés against Athletic Club and said it is “a pleasure” to see his team in the Champions League area, but especially with 39 points at this point in LaLiga. CardsReferee: Javier Alberola RojasVAR Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu LahozDeyverson (11 ‘, Yellow) Mauro Arambarri (39 ‘, Yellow) Yuri (62 ‘, Yellow) Bush (62 ‘, Yellow) Damián Suarez (66 ‘, Yellow) Nyom (69 ‘, Yellow) Íñigo Martínez (85 ‘, Yellow ChangesJorge Molina (54 ‘, Deyverson), Aduriz (66 ‘, Villalibre), Cap (67 ‘, Lekue), Ibai Gomez (67 ‘, Unai López), Timor (85 ‘, Mata), Kenedy (91 ‘, Nyom)last_img read more

All these jobs will probably disappear before 2050

first_imgAlthough a few years ago it seemed a more typical theme of science fiction movies or books, the truth is that the implementation of robots and AIs in everyday life is getting closer. There are few people who show their concern for an uncertain future in their work. And by 2050 more than a dozen jobs could be literally obsolete for humans.It would be machines that replace man. AIs can handle many of the most unlikely aspects. In video games, for example, they are capable of winning professional teams, but also building impressive maps. Applied to mobile telephony can organize the agenda. In the field of robots its implementation is still being explored, but there is no doubt that it is a field that is advancing by leaps and bounds. Factory work will be one of the most accused by the arrival of robotsAI is increasingly gaining ground even in fields such as driving Image: iStockcenter_img In just 18 years, both one and the other will present themselves in our lives in order to make it more comfortable, but also leaving millions of people on the street. An AI for example would be able to perform a job such as receptionist, analysts and even taxi drivers. It is no news that Artificial Intelligence has been gaining prominence in the most recent vehicle models. Although for now they are implemented in the form of small aids, it is expected that a human being does not have to drive in the way we have understood all our life in the future. To all this we must add a speed of calculation unthinkable for a human being and that in the case of analysts would be much more accurate when offering certain data. Workers in fast food restaurants, assembly lines, repleteners or warehouse employees are some of the most widespread positions. The continuous evolution in robotics would make these machines become the real employees. Great physical strength for positions whose purpose is totally mechanical in many cases. Elon Musk has not hidden that in the future the stores have robots as workers, but he also emphasizes that there will always be people in each and every one of the places where one of these machines exists. The big question is, what will be our function?last_img read more

Vinicius: “In Madrid there is always a desire for Champions”

first_imgIsco also spoke for the beer brand that sponsors the white club. The Malaga explained that the key against Manchester City “is to leave very concentrated, try to make the least possible mistakes. In the end, in a Champions League tie the small details make the difference”.“As I said before, we have to leave concentrated, because we have the quality. We play with the trick of the Bernabéu, which is also very important. I think the team is confident of doing things right. It’s going to be a very nice tie, “says Isco, which is still bearded in an indication that the statements were recorded before the League match against Levante.The midfielder also talked about his growing performance this season: “The secret is work and more work. I really want to show the football that I have inside and Zizou’s confidence has helped me a lot. I am looking forward to helping the team in the important matches that are coming now. “ Vinicius faces his second Champions League qualifier with Real Madrid with the illusion of winning the title. The Brazilian offered a few brief statements for a promotional video of Mahou in which he said that “playing the Champions League motivates all players” and said: “In Madrid we always want to win it and we are ready for everything.”last_img read more

“If the competition is over, the first three should go up”

first_imgRare is the footballer who does not know that the least thing now is to return to competition. Fernando Martínez is aware that the fundamental thing now is health, even acknowledging that his is a leisure profession, unlike the health workers who are saving the country during these days. However, the Almería goalkeeper is of the opinion that if the Second Division were not resumed, the first three should go up. “Thebes does not contemplate not finishing this competition. As every year they have to ascend three and it would be fair as the competition has been promoted by the first three. It would be the fairest. I have read that several scenarios are contemplated “, explains the second captain of the Almería team.The Murcian acknowledges that the break came at the worst time for his family in a week in which the UDA would visit La Romareda. “It is a shame that he just caught us after recovering the good feelings against Deportivo. We were going with great enthusiasm to Albacete and now this week we would play a lot going to the meeting in Zaragoza. But now it’s time to be home and it’s time to take care of yourself “, points out a Fernando who flatters the donation of the 1,200,000 euros that the sheik has made for the city of Almería due to the coronavirus crisis. “For me it is incredible. Apart from the economic issue, which is greatly appreciated, to serve as an example for other clubs. Hopefully this is the principle of solidarity for others. It says a lot about the great person he is. There are many people who, being from Spain, have not had the gesture unlike him, Saudi. That money is going to save many lives “, he comments on the matter, also thanking the work being carried out by the different people who are at the foot of the canyon. “We are leisure people. People like soccer a lot and when everything goes well, it fills their lives. But when it comes to health, with many lives at stake, there are many important trades that you might not value. In risky situations there are professions that are putting their lives on the line, “he explains.The former UCAM Murcia is not wet about when they will step on the grass again. “Since the league stopped, the predictions were to train the following week and only two weekends without playing, but we were all aware that this was going to last. It goes on the go, day by day. Now we know that they play two or three more weeks at home. That is the date that we set, but we do not know for sure if that goes for long. That is not the important thing, but that they reduce the number of infections, “he explains before acknowledging that society will now value other aspects.” We are all realizing what is really important in life. We give a lot of importance to the material and now we are aware of what life is, being with family and friends. In these moments of isolation you realize that you miss going out, talking to your neighbor or a stranger, going to a bar … It seems that it has been lived in other times, but it will be another experience. Our children will study it tomorrow in the books, “he concludes.last_img read more

Bartomeu’s ERTE shoots tension with the dressing room

first_imgFC Barcelona communicated through a statement issued after the meeting of its board of directors that it will initiate a Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) process both with its sports personnel (starting with the football team and affecting all professional sections) as well like non-sports staff. The club explained that “the need to implement measures to adapt to the contractual obligations of the Club staff to the new and transitory circumstances that we are experiencing lead us to present different files related to the sports area (soccer and other professional sports) as well as the rest from non-sports staff. ” But soccer, women’s soccer and basketball professionals do not end up agreeing. Although some media such as Mundo Deportivo go over the announcement of ERTE by Barça and prioritize Coutinho on the cover, it is the news of the week and Sport assures that there is “tension” due to the salary cut.Barça announced last Thursday that it was activating an ERTE that will reach all professional players, quarry players (and coaches) who charge more than 50,000 euros and ordinary employees, who represent less than four percent of expenses. .The negotiation of the president, Jose Maria Bartomeu, with the players is pending before the presentation of the ERTE. But, as Sport summarizes on its cover, the “tension” between the parties exists.last_img read more

Barça confirms ERTE to its employees with a new letter

first_imgGrau confirms that the ERTE that the club will carry out encompasses all levels of the club: “Apart from all the sports groups, it also affects employees, the Fundació and the BLM (Barça merchandising licenses)”.The executive describes as “good news” the final agreement that was closed this Monday with the staff of the first soccer team, while assuming that rumor mill advances events many times, “we know that the news sometimes circulates faster than we would like. “Barça concludes its statement by thanking “the willingness of the club employees to contribute to the economic sustainability of the club” while appreciating the effort of those who “continue to work so that Barça does not stop”. After the carousel of statements by President Josep Maria Bartomeu both in the press and on the radio, FC Barcelona sent this Tuesday morning a second statement to its employees, announcing that the ERTE is pushing ahead with all its consequences, but that they will have “ the help of a generous salary supplement ”in order to guarantee“ the well-being and economic security of all those affected ”.The statement, which is signed by the executive director, Oscar Grau, recalls that “the club will be able to carry out this complement thanks to the contribution of the first team footballers and other professional athletes who have joined the initiative of this reduction” .last_img read more

Albertini also teleports with technicians in Italy

first_imgFor this, it has been created a specific website in which the subjects and subjects are accessed. Given the health alarm situation, FIGC’s technical management has temporarily authorized the possibility to advance in training even for those who they are not up to date with the obligatory annual payments in the technical register.What Italians don’t have is the possibility of take the PRO course in just a few months like if you offer the FEF. Italy has historically been the birthplace of excellent coaches and many of them have come from the lowest, like Sarri, no need of having been elite players. Ex-internationals also have the option of taking out their card, although overcoming more tests and pitfalls. That makes a natural sieve that leave out to many of the players when they retire and plan to continue their career as coaches.Despite this, they have come out lately ex-player technicians like Gattuso (Naples) or Simone inzaghi (Lazio) that have given a new leap of quality to the bench of the Italian clubs. Albertini knows the importance of continuing to create young coaches since base, as Spain also does, and that is why it has put all kinds of facilities to formn and end the courses even in a pandemic as now. To work online is one of those aids. Demetrio Albertini, technical director of the FIGC, has also opted for the telematically to continue with the training of coaches at transalpine country, the other most affected in Europe together with Spain in this coronavirus crisis. “Due to the coronavirus emergencywill restart from online form the 40 coaching school courses that were done locally. The courses will be restarted online, with the possibility of concluding the teaching hours regarding the theoretical part of the courses. The practical part it will resume as soon as possible. Given the extraordinary nature of the moment, we have chosen to try to do something more and stand by our members, “said the former Atlético and Barcelona footballer.Own Albertini, with him director of the Coaching School FIGC, Renzo Ulivieri, and the forty-professors of the technical sector that currently participate in UEFA C and License D courses, meet periodically to define the programmatic lines to follow. A virtual meeting that takes place through the internet to indicate how to conclude those territorial courses where the educational program has not yet been completed.last_img read more