Details determine success or failure analysis of those important details in the optimization work is

safety certification through love Shanghai, thus allowing users to rest assured to your web site for a variety of activities, and can let love Shanghai trust your website, identify your website, so as to improve your rankings, so do we shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not?

details: three

details: two websites trust

innovative website content ?

we can see Shanghai dragon VIP description is very creative, although the description is very short, and not deliberately increase keyword density, the ranking has little effect, but greatly improves the user experience. This description and other Shanghai dragon training site description of different, can produce a new visual impact on users, people can not help but click into the website content, therefore, we should emulate the Shanghai dragon VIP, careful attention to good description of this detail, to get more user attention. read more

Discussion secret pictures Shanghai dragon optimization!

[introduction] the majority of small and medium enterprises site are based on products, and the number of these sites occupy a large proportion in the network. The products of the website often involves a large number of pictures, if not the implementation of a very good optimization, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of Shanghai dragon. This girl will come and share some pictures of the optimization method.

2, write a complete The number of

A lot of Shanghai dragon >


3, an excellent ALT label, is one of the most simple words to express the meaning of the picture reflected. read more

How to optimize the target keywords website

4, each column on the home page, as much as possible some target keywords, this is mainly in order to increase the density of keywords. For example, Shanghai Dragon Charm, to Shanghai dragon as the target keywords, then in the home page many columns will appear more relevant and the Shanghai dragon column, like "Shanghai dragon concept, Shanghai dragon thinking, Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai dragon Quiz Book, Shanghai dragon is what".

target keywords

three aspects of how to optimize the target keywords, target specific ideas of keyword optimization; read more

The first half of 360 search transcripts share commercial speed slow growth

3B war seems to be no losers. The first half of the 360 search on-line, and did not die in the competition, but slowly increase the market share gradually stronger; and the love of Shanghai is not a sign of weakness, rely on the advantages of a strong system, maintain the stability of market share.

Sina and Zhang Nan

Hitwise, 360 comprehensive search market share has been slowly rising, as of March has reached 11.97%, over the same period, love Shanghai search market share has improved, reaching 78.55%. read more

Believe it or not the nobles are using the Analytics data of your baby.

Many webmaster comrades see

no doubt, all kinds of search engines in the collection of data to make their way through the various search results more perfect. Noble baby naturally will not miss our Analytic data. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that we will suffer heavy losses. Maybe we can through the appropriate method, using Analytics data make our website ranked higher or.

but we don’t yet analysis First impressions are strongest. Meet with the owners who had noble baby engineers in the form of questions and answers a question of whether the use of words such as noble baby bounce rate, exit rate, residence time and other special elements. But these problems are too strong, the smart guys talk ambiguously back. In fact, rather than asking you: there is no nobility baby ranking website using Analytics data? Because the nobility baby is not just about a detail, but in the overall situation data. read more

Did you make some of the details of the optimization in the station

from the Guangzhou enterprises website provides original, >

cup that website internal links website like blood, must be smooth, if blocked, some functions will hamper the website will show some bad expression, leading to the normal operation of the website, and ill is the same reason, not do what they should do. Internal optimization is also pursuing the details, as long as the details of the optimization work related, make more in line with the rules of search engine, this combination of the chain in the lane, will soon be able to have a good ranking. read more

The correlation factor of website is very important.

We often say that the

website ranking, keyword ranking; the fact that the site is the page keyword ranking ranking. Because the search engine is to grab the page information, if the home page there is a keyword search engine that the highest frequency of keywords is an important word; the acquisition will be equally relatively high! So we need to note that the key is placed in the page, column page, the page can not be too much the best control in about 3-4, the important is the need between words; this page will get equally related other pages relatively high! Page sections and content all need around the keywords layout. read more

Thousand By the Shanghai Dragon

I finally rejected the invitation, there are many reasons, the main one is I have in a departure from the Shanghai dragon farther down the road. Although I am a graduate to work, do Shanghai Longfeng things, although still a part of Shanghai dragon will be responsible for the work, although the industry has a special feeling for me.

actually do any one thing, you gain, with your pay, must not be inversely proportional to. That is to say, the more effort you pay more, get more. And hide, but feel hard to hesitate to move forward, even if exposed to the weather fishing may not be able to catch fish. With this idea in mind, it is not only a door today, but all the doors will open for you. Because, hobbies and > read more

How do I do new sites on the day of the search engines

Links exchange websiteThose who love the Shanghai

how to log how registered here I do not say

(good network name www.haodaming贵族宝贝 A5) first, please indicate. Thank you

webmaster tools other functions are the points again to see if there is no problem what

exchange snapshot day or yesterday, my station is 2 of my friends to help me with the new station, the effect is fine, and Links is hard, ad www.haodaming贵族宝贝 – for Links

next time I tell you how I want to promote my website read more

Several points can not ignore the website optimization

as the saying goes, the body is the capital of revolution, the site is not the exception, if a site is not healthy, it will not survive in the internet. According to the statistics of some of the security of the site, the cause of web traffic ranking is a rapid decline in the first place is the site or the black horse, so do the site safety maintenance, is that the site has a stable flow of guarantee. The security maintenance of the website more is to detect and repair website vulnerabilities. The general site safety inspection: SQL injection vulnerability detection, XSS cross site attack test, detection and detection of database access permissions on the folder. If you are a novice can go to our website security testing platform (iiscan) which belongs to scan, fool tool. In addition, make sure to find vulnerabilities as soon as possible to repair, or otherwise easily invaded. read more

Six skills of competitive keywords

this time we talk about keyword optimization of a core question – keywords to determine the degree of competition. To do a lot of analysis data before we determine the site of the core words, we choose the keywords should be according to their own situation, after all, most of the resources are not strong personal webmaster, so whether a keyword competition can make us better site for later development has taken a solid step forward.

1, the number of search results

observation of the search results page ranking number, can often tell a word. " read more

Talk about the novice webmaster may not know the website jump out rate

for your regular users, such as the Fuzhou Shanghai dragon search every day into the blog users, when he found the page often not updated, may enter after not click on any page is closed, so keep a certain frequency can reduce your bounce rate is very good.

, a bounce rate

2, increasing the space velocity of on several problems of jump out rateAfter

2, click on the link to

3, page retention time

link station to calculate the bounce rate, according to the definition, click either inside or outside the chain chain, do not calculate the bounce rate. read more

Shanghai dragon living conditions hard soft = Tool + Creative + trend method

3. trend methodWe say that a

said it is a necessary condition for most creative industry, an enterprise to compete in the harsh environment of long-term walking, rely on superb technology and extraordinary creativity, in order to survive in the same industry. Shanghai dragon in this industry needs to be more creative to guide others, what is some skills you have, others do not have the skills you have, in the final analysis to finding some new resources to enhance the visibility of the site, the article not only to write the original meaning but also compared with today’s popular news and business trends to enrich website. Do these two methods need to be flexible. read more

Love 32 things on manual intervention after Shanghai Shanghai Dragon

we decide on what path to follow?

this way, Shanghai is recruiting staff or dragon is now ready to recruit Shanghai Longfeng related personnel enterprise station began a new round of wait-and-see, after all, now Shanghai is in love with the sea dragon began to explicitly recognize the manual intervention, and the more important is that sentence behind "advice webmaster Shanghai Phoenix on the site before the reference reading love Shanghai Official Guide", this is not a living his promotion based on Shanghai dragon ER pain? Write the meaning of this sentence is unclear? I think this sentence. read more

Depth analysis of the enterprise stand optimization how to break the bottleneck to achieve ultra hig

four, to adhere to a heart

three months average love Shanghai index 190, three months with an average of 121 special vehicles, sweeping cars three months with an average of 162, because the three main keyword index I do is almost more than 100 and my other long tail keywords ranking, so every day will directly bring IP up to 300IP, so the enterprise can stand determine the target keywords according to the love of Shanghai index, in addition to popular keywords, such as: Tourism

three, according to the webmaster statistical tools to analyze data read more

Optimization analysis sharing building and optimization background settings.

lwash (DedeCms) in a simple, practical, open source is known, is a PHP open source website management system is the use of the most well-known, most users of the PHP CMS system. DedeCMS technology based on PHP+MySQL, support for multiple server platforms.

system for its stable, powerful, easy to use and other characteristics are more and more acceptable to the webmaster. Are all know to learn Shanghai dragon, although do not necessarily need to be written procedures, will develop a website, but only if Shanghai dragon registered a third party blog, certainly can, but many steps no way to operate, can not fully experience the process. So, have a website is very important, the domain name of the website and the space is relatively easy to solve, but set up a website for the novice webmaster, there is a certain degree of difficulty. Note that the tide of Shanghai Dragon said here is to build a website, rather than developing a website. To build a website, can be accomplished by using some of the open source system on the internet. Today, the tide of Shanghai Longfeng for novice friends to share and build optimization background settings. read more

What the love of Shanghai original plan by example


website promotion is a very important part in the website, and the website is search engine optimization is a relatively cheap way of website promotion, and one of the most common, most of the websites are focused on this aspect. Because of the love of Shanghai is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, but also occupy the majority share of domestic products, so many websites on almost all love Shanghai, love Shanghai can affect every act and every move of many web sites and fate, so there are tens of thousands of people to study the law of love Shanghai. read more

Website optimization inside and outside the chain chain in the end how to deal with


this example is completely to a relevant page ranking up examples for the anchor text. After so many years now the search engine certainly has the ability to deal with this page, but from the beginning of the anchor text is always an important factor in ranking, but now is the anchor text and web content more closely integrated to judge.

October 2003, George Johnston called on the people to use "miserable failure" (a) the keywords as anchor text, link to the White House website of President Bush’s personal introduction page. Two months later, search for "miserable failure" in this noble baby, Bush’s rise to the first page, search for "failure" is the first. In this page, whether it is miserable, failure, or miserable failure, are not mentioned. read more

Beware of competitors in the frame you stand

Lu Songsong think this post for small owners is still very useful, but it is a pity that the official answer is always love Shanghai, ready to accept either course of reverie. Until now, to solve this problem is still not very good.

A: if you want to maintain a strategy of life cycle, the best way is to keep the details of the secret strategy. But there is one thing for sure, a sophisticated search engine, not easily by a factor of one or two to determine the life and death of a website.

happened to see such a post in Shanghai station Post Bar said: read more

Taobao how to improve the conversion rate of the shop owner

now many Taobao stores are not able to meet the needs of users, the implementation of 24 hours online customer service, this is understandable, after all, everyone has to rest, but everyone breaks the habit is not the same, at present, it is understood that during the day because of work or other reasons, people will be very busy, not too much time visiting the Taobao, but the evening there will be a lot of users a fraction of time to pick things they need, even after 0 there are many users in Taobao browse products, at this time, if you fancy your home products, but can not find the online customer service, then you will lose a customer. read more