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Beware of competitors in the frame you stand

Lu Songsong think this post for small owners is still very useful, but it is a pity that the official answer is always love Shanghai, ready to accept either course of reverie. Until now, to solve this problem is still not very good.

A: if you want to maintain a strategy of life cycle, the best way is to keep the details of the secret strategy. But there is one thing for sure, a sophisticated search engine, not easily by a factor of one or two to determine the life and death of a website.

happened to see such a post in Shanghai station Post Bar said: read more

Taobao how to improve the conversion rate of the shop owner

now many Taobao stores are not able to meet the needs of users, the implementation of 24 hours online customer service, this is understandable, after all, everyone has to rest, but everyone breaks the habit is not the same, at present, it is understood that during the day because of work or other reasons, people will be very busy, not too much time visiting the Taobao, but the evening there will be a lot of users a fraction of time to pick things they need, even after 0 there are many users in Taobao browse products, at this time, if you fancy your home products, but can not find the online customer service, then you will lose a customer. read more

How to add Shanghai home sign of love

fourth: the Shanghai bid keywords love less

Only the

love Shanghai home at noon on May 17, 2012 there have been some a special symbol "add beloved Shanghai home". Zigong Shanghai dragon is then in front of the computer by observing the 50 to appear "add" the beloved Shanghai home game industry site. Draw the conclusion that, I think we should be concerned about the problem: how to add "Shanghai home" sign of love. The Zigong Shanghai dragon is to share with you the Shanghai dragon er. read more

About noble baby panda update

4. changes of website structure Oh ~!

1. to correct your content, if you have been in the cut, then you have to stop, to provide better value for your visitors.

such as reducing your website page, page, repeat plagiarism spam spam links and web


said that if Google is in order to improve the quality of the site, then we need to get high quality surgery.

3. check your URL and site structure, if the noble baby bot can access the same page through a website, so we have to solve is the unification of the web site. read more

Do website optimization domain name also has a knack

we can find recently deleted domain name list, and then to check the name of the chain and the PR value, the higher the PR value chain the more the better, for example, can go to the golden rice network, above will be announced in recent days to delete the list of domain name. A chain and the PR value of the domain name, then congratulations, you are half way, but then we have to decide whether the domain name is really useful. This time to look at the history of the site, if the site is done before the illegal websites, then certainly can not be used, if before the website is to do business station or other normal station, this is our first choice. read more

No radius optimization how to do rankings


first, we want to say is the orientation of industry optimization, which is the target customer group. It is divided into many kinds of. We used to do optimization. In customer service, a customer list. In the fierce competition of the same industry. In the past, the optimization does not exist a monopoly industry. But the monopoly interests and benefits of an industry brings not only the service of a customer can look, something. Meet a customer list, the website ranking of the first page. And maintain good. This matter in the past or now or in the future optimization. In my opinion is not very difficult. After all, love Shanghai love Shanghai algorithm in the update, more humane. We are also in progress. Our technology is also in constant innovation. I don’t think this will hinder. And my vision of this industry. I think the future of the market, love Shanghai data instability. It is not enough to maintain their livelihood you make a list of customers, the current inflation rate I think we are keenly aware of the. So the first point is the orientation of the optimization, do a comprehensive service to a single enterprise to the strong, the following figure 1 and Figure 2 is I use webmaster tools to analyze 2 stations do comparison. read more

Optimization approach and core portal where

but if we are only a grass root webmaster, how to do, this time not so much manpower, when we need to come up with is the real technology, we can use the more conventional way: acquisition, many people think that the acquisition is a kind of plagiarism, will be in love with Haicha, which is Shanghai love punishment, but we don’t forget to love Shanghai for the owners the most important one: something good for users, so we in the acquisition time, do not have what to take, we need to distinguish the first is that the East West is useful to the user, is just wasting our time. Or we do. This is a shortcut to more quickly. read more

How to do B2B website ranking optimization


3, and you choose products with the category, it is recommended that you use the category matching function;

1, supply information released with with the products meet and clear product image;

in order to allow the buyer to accurately find your product, you can do the following steps to improve your information accuracy, get a better ranking:

4, whether to support the Alipay (three days);

1, information matching (keyword matching);

A detailed description of

4, the release of information and fill in the chart with product attributes. For the same CTP members continuously released the same keyword information within two hours, only for the first piece of information release. read more

Do have to emphasize the optimization technology with luck


optimization webmaster all know, a few years earlier do not optimize what technical content, if you don’t know what the chain optimization, internal details, user experience and so on, these is not important, why? It is because the chain alone is sufficient, but the author experience, remember in 2009 when the company for some customers do not emphasize what optimization site is out of order, the user does not comply with the optimization rules, and how did I do? I just go to the forum every day Links, blog spam links, just copy a soft Wen with my link to get away, finally to do is the "other" ten to twenty days or so, ranking will go up certainly outside the chain will have enough ranking, it is really not that complicated and difficult. read more

Quality and quantity of the content of the website is no longer difficult to realize seconds

is necessary for

improve the quality of site must be original, but is not to say that the web site in the original, the weight will be improved. Even if is the one and only the original, but also about the quality. Related to the quality of the original many factors, the author also wrote an article early some features of high quality content, the key points are as follows: one is the original content of the theme of the site must be consistent, such as the Shanghai network company pilot technology is a professional website building, website content is more than 90 around the construction site or website design; the second is the original content is not necessarily beautiful flowery wording, but must comply with the basic grammar logic, as little as possible appear wrongly written or mispronounced characters. The reason is very simple, just as when we write a composition of the college entrance examination, if an article is full of typos, nor in any case high score. read more