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Albertini also teleports with technicians in Italy

first_imgFor this, it has been created a specific website in which the subjects and subjects are accessed. Given the health alarm situation, FIGC’s technical management has temporarily authorized the possibility to advance in training even for those who they are not up to date with the obligatory annual payments in the technical register.What Italians don’t have is the possibility of take the PRO course in just a few months like if you offer the FEF. Italy has historically been the birthplace of excellent coaches and many of them have come from the lowest, like Sarri, no need of having been elite players. Ex-internationals also have the option of taking out their card, although overcoming more tests and pitfalls. That makes a natural sieve that leave out to many of the players when they retire and plan to continue their career as coaches.Despite this, they have come out lately ex-player technicians like Gattuso (Naples) or Simone inzaghi (Lazio) that have given a new leap of quality to the bench of the Italian clubs. Albertini knows the importance of continuing to create young coaches since base, as Spain also does, and that is why it has put all kinds of facilities to formn and end the courses even in a pandemic as now. To work online is one of those aids. Demetrio Albertini, technical director of the FIGC, has also opted for the telematically to continue with the training of coaches at transalpine country, the other most affected in Europe together with Spain in this coronavirus crisis. “Due to the coronavirus emergencywill restart from online form the 40 coaching school courses that were done locally. The courses will be restarted online, with the possibility of concluding the teaching hours regarding the theoretical part of the courses. The practical part it will resume as soon as possible. Given the extraordinary nature of the moment, we have chosen to try to do something more and stand by our members, “said the former Atlético and Barcelona footballer.Own Albertini, with him director of the Coaching School FIGC, Renzo Ulivieri, and the forty-professors of the technical sector that currently participate in UEFA C and License D courses, meet periodically to define the programmatic lines to follow. A virtual meeting that takes place through the internet to indicate how to conclude those territorial courses where the educational program has not yet been completed.last_img


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